What are you watching?


They should also sometimes hang themselves


You better ask Trion first, see if it’s of an acceptable intellectual standard…


You’re straying into the territory of outright misogyny here. Don’t continue down that path because you will be punished.


Statistically I am saying nothing wrong.

Women encourage dumb shows.


More discussion on this Love island bullshit than shows like ‘The Terror’ for instance.


Us ‘haters’ are also partaking in that. :giroud3:


I mean watch the damn show but the gossiping regarding the show

And sure your “masculinity is infact”


Out of pure fucking frustration towards my generation.
I expected these teen dumb fucks to indulge in it; not adults

Adults are not adults anymore


Many people think watching and discussing football is mind-numbing and a waste of the intelligence too, so I guess you won’t be doing that?


Why isn’t there a thread for it?


Good point.
But it still never takes away my masculinity


That’s the first time I’ve seen you mention that show.

If you want to discuss that show then do, you’re free to post about it as much as you like.

Perhaps you should just do that instead of being so fucking tedious.

Cristo already destroyed reality TV better than you ever could so nobody is really interested in your half baked imitation.


are they not?

Considering the taste, I bet all of you are digging the thread drama right now.

at some point Calum texted one of you ‘oooh did you see what he typed about women?’


@Calum I’m pretty excited for tonight, will be the first time I’ve witnessed the madness that is Casa Amor haha


That sounds like a sour grapes type of comment to me. Especially viewing your past with Women etc you seem to chace them enough so much so that you push them away and it seems because you are unhappy with that you go down the route of ‘well they are a dumb gender anyway’

There is sheer stupidity in fucking any gender…look at the guys showing off hanging off the top of skyscrapers with their ‘look at me’ attitude only to go splat 5 minutes later or hanging out of moving trains etc to show of to their mates only to literally lose their heads, dont hear women in generally saying ‘they are a dumb gender anyway’ especially over something as small as a show, considering the dumb shit guys usually do risks their lives or risks their health.


If they were lining up to suck my cock, I would still consider them a dumb gender.
Well if they are lining up to suck my cock, I have to consider that.

I think we all know they are the dumber gender but we live in a ‘civil’ society


So would I :smile:


Saw that coming.
That’s why men are intelligent


that would be more of a crazy/blind/easily pleased subset of the gender not the whole gender


I think I’ve reached the point where this thread is banished to the muted zone.