What are you watching?


That’s where it fails.

For me it’s your intelligence that I would judge rather than masculinity, if you watch such shows.

Reason I said men are not men anymore because such bullshit shows were for women, who we all know are dumb as shit when it comes to entertainment.


Honestly it’s so boring to read. No one gives a fuck if you don’t like it or think its shit. Ignore the posts.


Shut it lady man


Least I’m not a stalker pal :+1:


Fuck me OA on a madness this summer :giroud3:

I’ve not dared to spend more than a glance every so often in the Trump thread, and of course there was the Banega thread, now it looks like this is next.


I won’t let it happen. Love Island is too important to be disrespected.


Some nice stereotyping there. Most people watch a programme that could be defined as “trash” – men and women. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I have quite a diverse taste in TV programmes :relieved:


Absolutely everything is wrong about it & that’s why TV is shit.
Too many reality shows like Big Brother & bullshit.

No wonder platforms like Netflix have fared well because it allows entertainment to be displayed for crowd who desire much more intelligent shows.


My masculinity and intelligence are not so fragile that I’m worried by watching Love Island. It’s just a light entertainment show at the end of the day to be honest


that’s your go to dig?
No wonder you have no originality left after spoiling your head with this shit


Yeah, I also watch these “intelligent shows”. I watch more of that than I do trash. But sometimes after a long day, I just want to watch something rubbish that doesn’t require much concentration.

Get off your high horse.


I really expected better from you bunch.
God you guys are retarded


I think to say women have shit taste is probably not a good place to start. But, it’s women keeping the vast majority of ‘scripted-reality’ tv on the air.

P.S. Netflix also has a vast catalogue of absolute trash. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah… About that… :arteta:


@Trion thinks he’s an intellectual heavyweight because he watches Netflix :joy:


If there is ever a need for reduction in human population, I want the annihilator to know I don’t watch such shit & deserve to be kept alive


No he thinks he is not dumb because he doesn’t waste his time with that bullshit


While we’re on the subject of Netflix…anyone here seen the series ‘Dark’? Been thinking about watching it.


Intelligent people sometimes watch shitty television. You’re so wide of the mark here that you’re ironically starting to look quite dumb yourself


They are so fucking responsible for dumbing down of the media industry.
Absolute dumb gender that