What are you watching?


Hahaha heck no.

Sky Atlantic. It’s got that Mcnulty fella off the Wire in it. Great actor tbh


Ooft maybe I should get watching this again then.

Big Wes ditching the 40 year old who wanted to marry him.


You need to watch it on catch up elec. :fire::fire: She went off. :giroud3:

I’ve been increasing the OA love island club member by member. Be the next one :joy::joy::joy:

@Electrifying watch it, take it in


Started season 2 of Luke Cage… only 3 episodes in but I’m not impressed so far. I hope it gets better.



Don’t think I’ll ever see some OA members the same again lol


Was waiting all night for you to put another comment in haha :wink:

You didn’t disappoint :kissing_heart:


I don’t think I’ll ever see some of the Love Island housemates the same again after last night’s SCENES


HERE WE FUCKING GOOOO!!! @JakeyBoy @will24 @Electrifying

6 HOURS TO GO :giroud3:


wtfff :open_mouth: why did the guys snake Adam and send Zara home. She was probably the best looking girl in there aswell ffs!


The producers had a word, there’s no way they could risk Adam settling down. He’s been the show’s prize asset, they need him to be trying to crack on to other women haha


Maybe but the girls said they only saved Adam so he could stay with Zara haha.

Not liking any of the 6 new girls either tbh but the casa amor twist was class last year so looking forward to it this year again :joy:


Yeah that fits with my theory perfectly haha. The producers want Adam to stay in and he did, they want him single and now he is.

King Snake is back baby


I feel disgusted at what I am reading.

Men are not men anymore




This is going down the same path as the Trump thread…


How fragile is your sense of masculinity? :joy:


How flexible is yours?


Flexible enough that I can watch Love Island without questioning whether that makes me less of a man haha


You know what kind of a man watches Love Island? A pus…nope.