What are you watching?


Pretzel eaters > love island tbh.





Another one :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t give a shit what OA thinks, more hyped for this than the World Cup tonight


I wanna kill myself but I’ve actually been getting into this.

What the fuck has happened to me


You’ve been @Calum’d


Haha yes Jakey I’ve been looking forward to this since 10PM last night. Shits gonna go DOWNNNN!!!

I agree with your statement of looking forward to this more than tonights world cup game aswell :joy:

Welcome to the club @will24 :sunglasses:


I watched 15 mins two weeks ago and thought it was completely boring and shit but that trailer has left me wanting more.


Look who liked it after his massive rants about it last week :eyes:


Na, my man Cristo is just agreeing that it’s grounds for killing oneself.



That’s not the post i was referring to haha


Bugger. :santi:


FFFS WHAT AN EPISODEEEEEEE!! :giroud3: :giroud3:

It’s all kicked off BIG TIMEEEEE :popcorn:

Can it be 9PM tomorrow already :joy::joy:


That was everything I hoped for and more


Megan pulling an absolute madness there!!

Incredible, gonna be absolute fireworks tomorrow. :fire::fire:


The way she was just sat there smirking as Laura stormed out :joy:


The Affair is back on.

Albeit drawn out (the actual affair was in season 1), the convoluted storylines still make for riveting drama


“Did she just call me a slag? She’s slept with more guys than me”

:joy::joy::joy: How can people not love this show


In love island? Not you too mate!