What are you watching?

Ah sorry didn’t know how to do this. Will do in future. Silly me thinking I was one of the last to watch this anyway. Sorry again.

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Binge watched series 3 of After Life this morning…

Quite disappointing. Seemed a bit flat and not as good as the last 2. It’s over now though, I think. So…

How there are still people who don’t like this show, I’ll never know.

In past series’ we’ve had Glenn Hoddle dressed as a clock and Teddy Sheringham dressed as a tree!

And I’m pretty sure Michael Owen is on this current series dressed as doughnuts.

You ask why some people don’t like it and then answer your own question by saying it features Tottenham legends and the most boring man to ever grace football, and maybe even the planet.

You’ve not sold me on it mentioning those three people. Especially mega cunt Sheringham :grin:

They are just the sportsmen. This series we have had Heather Small unmasked. Will Young was Lionfish.

Pat Cash was unmasked last night. He was Bagpipes.

This show is honestly wonderfully weird

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I caught the last 5 minutes of the Pat Cash unmask episode, unintentionally, and I wanted to be dead.


Chance to have given you the vaccine gone. Damn.

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Snooker final on bbc2

You have no taste

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Half way through the second series of The Witcher. The production budget has increased, some lush views of different cities, monsters look great etc.

Toned down the boobage percentage, that’s how you know a show has gotten popular :ramsdale: :vinai:

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Stay close was a decent watch. Bit loose at times for convenience in the plot but good overall.
One thing I did find though was James Nesbitt character didn’t really suit his talent fully. Never left any mark on it for me. Unusual for him. 8/10

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Rules of the Game on BBC is pretty good, mate.

Better than the Tourist, in my opinion.

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Yeah got one episode left of that. Enjoying it so far.

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Ted Lasso is fucking hilarious. Flew through season 1.


Magnum Force (1973)

You ain’t seen this @Persona

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Inside the factory is a great show

It’s a wonderful show. So wholesome, really love watching it - whenever I need to get into a good mood I can always count on Ted.

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Na, never seen it.

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Watch it. I want your opinion on it :grin:

Exactly. I was looking for a nice funny easy watch before bed. It’s fab.

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