What are you watching?

See was a decent watch, curious to see how they push the concept in S03.

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Fking profound.

Just started watching Kin from RTE.

It’s pretty good so far and I’m trying to imagine which one of the characters @shamrockgooner sounds like.

Executive Producers:

  • Fredrik Ljungberg



Freddie is a man of many talents.

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Not watched that yet. It’s on my list once I get through The Wire. I assume you sound like Rawls.

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Sadly the Baltimore accent is dying out along with other similar regional accents. (Think Mare of Easttown.

I wish I sounded like the cast from Kin. So suave.

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Absolutely blitzed through Cobra Kai. AMAZING.

Incredible nostalgia, such a throwback to the 80s. The music selection is superb.

It’s not a highly polished, super high budget show. It’s not perfect by any means. But it has so much heart, old fashioned good v bad. And you’re shouting at the TV when things go wrong and fall apart - so addictive because you just want things to work out. You’re constantly rooting for that happy outcome, and you find yourself rooting for all the characters even when they’re doing something wrong. They all have a story.

Then they mix in the old movies in such a measured way - just enough to bring back the memories / feelings but not too much that it takes away from the show’s storyline. The Mr Miyagi bits gave me goosebumps and brought my ass to tears on many occasions.

The sentimentality element lifts this into one of my favourite ever shows. Ending to Season 3 had me jumping off my sofa. Not many shows make you feel such emotion. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been through the mill watching these 3 seasons.

I :heart: Miguel

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Started watching Poldark on Disney+

Ok @Castiel I caved in, bought a beanie hat off Amazon and now have Prime free for a month.

Since you recommended the excellent Dragged Across Concrete to me last time, do you have any suggestions?

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American Gods is my favourite Amazon Prime show but it’s a bit out there.

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I see Serpico is available for free on Amazon…

Ah thought you meant originals, yeh there’s tons of decent older stuff on their catalogue it’s as good a Netflix at times

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