What are you watching?

People can tell me to watch something to the cows come or but if I am not into it I aint watching it

I hate that make believe genre :rofl::rofl: with dungeons and dragons set in 1751 lol


I think he got his memories/skill from being hanged in Rhuidean when helping Rand right? I think before that Mat was just a super strong Ta’Veren and good with a quarter-staff and ultimately his strength as a ta’veren just meant that everything just went his way I.e lucky more so than even Perrin or Rand. Remember he can always hear the dice rolling whenever something bad/big is about to happen.

When he’s hanged in Rhuidean I think he takes on the memories of some long lost hero and he then becomes a really skilled warrior/general. His storyline with Tuon was crazy as well haha

Edit: why do spoiler tags never work for me?!

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Yeh binged it in 3 days, definitely worth the time. I enjoyed it so much and it has some pretty poignant moments and lots of drama. Kind of surprised by it’s hype though, absolute meme factory.

I started into it the first night it hit so I wasn’t influenced by all the online sensation which probably made it a little better for me, people are probably going to go into it now thinking it’s some prestigious masterpiece, it isn’t but it’s great TV.


Exactly the same. Didn’t give a shit about any characters a season in so ditched it.

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I always use the settings wheel rather than typing. Does exactly the same thing but always works :man_shrugging:

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The Blair and Brown documentary series on BBC iplayer is excellent. Binge watched all episodes over the weekend.

One of the best documentaries I’ve watched.

I thoroughly recommend it :star::star::star::star::star:


I don’t guys.:roll_eyes:managed an episode of it and just pissed me off.

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It’s because it comes on straight after University Challenge.

It’s like having caviar followed by a Kit Kat Chunky.

The premier league series before that one was pretty good too, albeit the heavy focus on Man United was tiring


The Newcastle choke job was a good one. Ran with the Gillespie betting impact on his career.

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Yeah that part was very good, felt really sorry for the guy after watching that! Astonishing how betting companies are given such a prominent role in football when you hear stories such as his

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They’ll be banned from advertising soon, mate, I’m pretty sure of it.

It’ll go the way of alcohol and cigarette sponsorship of sport and teams.

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Waited for Ted Lasso to end so I could binge it like I did season 1 cause I’m not about that 1995 life and having to watch one episode a week pish.

Just finished season 2 over the weekend. Really enjoyed it. Probably one of my favourite tv shows atm.


That stinger at the end when you see fucking Nate as the new West Ham manager and they drop that RTJ track. Outstanding! Can’t wait for S3. I love the football/soccer stuff sure but the focus on mental health is way more interesting to me.

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I thought season 2 was average.

The whole Rebeca-Sam romance is exactly the kind of romance you bring in when there is a lack of quality material.

Hopefully the writing improves after they won the Emmy.
Coach Beard episode was great.

Beards episode was probably my favourite

@Joshua yeah nate can fuck off :rofl: loved beards dislike for him haha and did not expect that ending either! Looking forward to season 3 aswell

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University Challenge

Did anyone see Greavsie.
Great programme about one of the best strikers in Europe and certainly the best England goal scorer.

The top players back then were earning a few hundred pounds a week, playing on pitches with more mud than grass, treated as disposable commodities then, when they retired, working in a normal job.

Any modern pampered players bleating about how hard it is for them, should watch this.

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Just finished THEM. Heavy stuff that. Black family move to a white suburban area in 50s America.
Meet with some racial tensions but all mixed in with some real big supernatural horror.
Some very clever use of music throughout. Not one I could binge watch because it’d mess with my head.

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Bad Sports the Hansie Cronje episode. Tragic story of a great cricketer and how he got caught up in match fixing.
Really good watch and you don’t have to be a cricket fan to get something out of this.