What are you watching?

If anyone is interested in watching Before We Die, don’t watch the English version, the Swedish one is way better.
I watch ;loads of European crime dramas and it’s probably the best series I’ve seen, along with the French thriller Spiral, The Bureau and Wallander.

In the same kind of genre?

Anything. Like what kind of series have you enjoined. That will tell me if you’ll like Whitechapel

That program you said looked boring as fuck lol. Doesn’t matter if I like shows like it.

Just like you think Xhaka is a brilliant footballer I think that show looks boring haha

Hang on. You’re being mean. I go to the effort of recommending stuff to you and you bring up Xhaka? :roll_eyes: i won’t bother next time then

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Fargo, True Detective, Wire in the Blood, Line of Duty, Sherlock. Any dark crime dramas basically.

Started Patriot on Prime.

5 episodes in and finding it ridiculously funny and weird. Reminds me of In Bruges a lot, except it’s In Luxemburg.

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Bloody hell, just finished Time.

Damn :cry:

I fucking love Carra and Micah on gogglebox they are so good. They had naked attraction on and Carra asks Micah what dick is you and Micah goes
the biggest one obviously :joy::joy::joy::joy: class

Sounds scripted. :hipster:

Would they do that though :innocent:

Dont care still funny :joy:

“Which one of those looks like your nob”
“The biggest one”

Finally, a 21st century comedic duo to rival the all time greats

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Noticed that Atlanta is on Disney+, I watched the first series years ago when it was on BBC but never got round to finding the second series, so I’ve been getting stuck into that this weekend.

Last episode I watched was the Teddy Perkins one, and fuck me, what an episode! Absolutely one million miles from what I expected from the show, and probably not what I would have chosen as my last thing to watch right before bed last night!

I fancy Donald Glover so hard man, the guy is incredible.

Edit: I said that I “fanboy” him so hard, but autocorrect had other ideas, and in this case maybe I just need to accept my phone knows me better than I know myself

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Fair enough if you don’t like it but give it a watch they will make you laugh. :joy:


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Clarksons Farm

Great insite the struggles a farmer will have. An Clarkson brilliant with everyone just shouting at him because he’s useless :joy:

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I actually like them both, I was just being a bit of a sassy bitch for no good reason, as I’m fond of doing.

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Watched Time for the second time. Such good drama and supported by good stories inbetween the central plot of how people end up in these places.
Helpless and hopelessness challenge a lot of misconceptions on prison life in this.
Sean Bean steals the show with great acting. Jimmy McGovern finest work this so far. Brilliant.

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Clarkson’s Farm. Love it :joy:


Anyone watching Black Summer? They absolutely knocked it out of the park with the second season on Netflix. First time since Synder’s Dawn remake where zombies actual feel like a genuine threat.

Most of Netflix’s originals disappoint as of late but it’s really a bit of a sleeper hit this, way better than the yawn fest the Walking Dead has become.

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