What are you watching?



I felt the same, put it on a while back as I had run out of things to watch and from the title sounded like it’d be shit but it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in Netflix, quite inspiring!

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Hate not being up to date with LoD, going to catch up tomorrow in a dirty binge session. Seeing all those spoiler tags everywhere is giving me mad FOMO

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Wasn’t it something else ?
I’ve seen a documentary on The Mimic and that was incredible but My Octopus Teacher was just humbling.
What an incredible creature

Does anyone else have a hard time understanding Steph on Line of Duty? Is that an actual Liverpool accent or is she doing a fake one for tv?

The actress is Irish, so it’s not a real Scouse accent.

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No The Chase today cos they’re doing Prince Philip tributes.

This is almost as bad as when Diana died and I couldn’t watch my morning cartoons.


Its repeats from 2016 so you have already seen it anyway haha

As if you can guarantee I’ve seen episodes from 2016 haha

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Only reason I can tell is because of the lack of social distancing I waited till the end for the copyright logo at the end of the show and it says © 2016 :joy::joy:

I was about to watch CITV when it was interrupted by a terrorist and his jumbo jet plowing into a skyscraper in New York. 9 year old me was furious - about the interruption of my regularly scheduled programming.


Which was the same as 18 years old me being furious when Brazil v Russia in the WC 82 was interrupted because Argentina surrendered in the Falklands war.
I couldn’t see why BBC 2 didn’t carry the report.

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Anyone else watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier?


Live and Let Die
Roger Moore ,
Fabulous film , scotch and ginger at hand


Yep it’s defo improving with every episode

I watched that on Friday night, too :joy:

“I must say the cards were stacked slightly in my favour…”

I think Roger peaked with the first Bond movie he made and they got progressively worse. I don’t buy into The Spy who loved me being his best Bond.

Seaspiracy and Cowspiracy (made by the same production company).

While I like seeing the big picture at a global level, and I sympathise with the direction of these documentaries and what they are trying to achieve, however as a mere individual consumer, what really is my impact worth if I was to live with these new standards?

We can change our habits, diets, addictions with food but at the end of the day, the one perilous conclusion to everything after watching these documentaries is the global population and it’s alarming increase. There’s simply too many people on this planet to justify any of these motives having a positive effect.

I feel a bit lost after watching them in all honesty :tierney:

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The Spy who loved me is a belter.
Moonraker is another quality RM Bond .

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Moonraker had the best of Rog’s opening scenes, I’ll give you that.

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