What are you watching?

I don’t bother with a vpn to watch BT sports tweets but I think I’ll crack it open to see what Sir Dave has to say.


@stroller @Calum

Drama called Des on ITV tonight. Seeing as you guys watched/recommended Sticks & Stones and White House Farm on ITV, I think this will follow in the same vein of quality


Yeah seen it advertised :slightly_smiling_face: Watching the football tonight so will give it a watch on the ITV hub at some point

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Tennant always worth a look. On it.


Unlike Tenet.

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“American Moon” from 2017, a film about whether the moon landing was real, or a hoax…Brilliant film, well worth a watch, whichever way you feel… :crescent_moon:

What’s that on, Johnny?


I can remember you telling me to watch this in December last year I think @JakeyBoy while I had prime to watch the festive football on Prime.

I never did get round to it. I got prime again a few weeks ago to watch all or nothing and last week I posted a meme in the group chat and my mates all said thats from The Boys do you watch it and I said no I just thought it was a funny meme :joy:

They told me to watch it its brilliant and even though you don’t like superhero stuff its not what you think give it a chance.

So I did and its fucking excellent :joy: probably the best show I’ve watched in a while. I’ve watched every episode in 6 days :joy: waiting for the new one on Friday now.

Homelander is nutter :joy: and Butcher is a great character haha.

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You started watching The Boys because of a shit meme, when me Jake and a few others having been wanking over it on here for like a year and a half. I am disappoint son.


Sorry mate, just seen your question… Don’t know if it’s on Netflix, I was watching it on some dodgy streaming site, worth digging out though if you can find it…

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Just watched the 1st episode of Raised by wolves this is some wierd shit but definitely got me interested to stick with it for a couple more episode.

I thought the first episode dragged and was super generic but my god that ending completely flipped my opinion around- I’m really invested now after the first 3 episodes.

Strong Prometheus vibes which I love.

Yeah I got slot of alien vibes off it with the synth blood and her constantly being called mother. the places looks similar to the planet on covent when David unleashes the weapon.

Will stick with it an see how it plays out.

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Thought Des started off good and well acted but just petered out in the end.
Going down the author route just got a bit drawn out imo.
Complex person but with the amount of documentation and programs having been done on Neelson it was all a bit pointless.

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Yeah it started off promisingly. Good acting carried it through

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Is anyone still watching The Boys s2?

I really hope they do something new with Butcher’s character next season. He’s really starting to get boring. There’s only so much alpha male brooding aggro I can take. At least Homelander is three dimensional. The rest of the cast is incredible though.

Just started watching Season 1. Watched the first 2 eps. Really good!



Butcher is the best thing in it :joy::joy: