What are you watching?



Watch it and you’ll love it :wink:


Reality TV is fucking awful


Montana is lovely, I interviewed her on the phone before the show started and she’s also smart and very quick witted. I’m shocked that none of the guys seem that interested in her.

I’m actually on holiday at the moment, but I’m going to watch every episode I miss when I get back in 10 days or so, I’m sad like that :sunglasses:


Fucking love Banshee.
Absolutely sensational stuff, watched it through 3 times.


So many awesome fight scenes in that series.

That fight between Nola and Burton had me like :giroud2:


Haters gonna hate :hipster:


I’m confused @Arsenal4thetreble lol why have you liked my post… Do they show it in America?


I’ll happily take up permanent residence in the haters corner as far as that garbage is concerned :ok_hand:


I love how fucking gory it is. Not for the faint hearted. Its properly OTT at times by thats the charm of the show. The fight scenes as well… great.


Because you are talking like you know these people or something it was funny lol.


This programme is on every night. We do know these people :sunglasses:


Creepy Craig can do one.


I like how you get so many likes that you now challenge them. You popular bastard you.


If you watch Love Island for a bit you’ll start to become hooked to it. It’s entertaining and has lots of twists.


I watched it for approximately 200 seconds and wanted a refund on my life


Watched all of Breaking Bad again from start to finish. Easy to think you remember a show but in reality you forget 99% of what actually happened. Amazing character development. Also been watching Dexter again too.


The two ends of the TV spectrum.

One of them is quality TV.
Highly rated and award winning, that has great characters, brilliant acting, great direction, and one of the most popular series on TV.

The other is Love Island.


[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:220, topic:804, full:true”]
It’s entertaining and has lots of twists.
[/quote]I dunno, my idea of something that’s entertaining with lots of twists is Karting :wenger:


I watch both. I like to keep my life balanced. The other day I watched an Adolf Hitler documentary followed by Love Island. That’s diversity for ya :sunglasses:

To be fair, Love Island has some decent acting too :grin:


I’m doing the same myself right now and just coming up to the end of season 2. I remember the first time round I thought season 1 was fucking slow but watching it back this time I was so wrong. Within a couple of episodes you can actually sense the guy Walter is going to become. Enjoying it even more this time round.