What are you watching?


Love Island is mainly watched by a younger generation of people, allow it :slight_smile:


Had a Go Kart as a kid and never used it :neutral_face:


I agree.
One is a programme about evil, that is aimed at the masses in an attempt to convince them to follow their unscrpulous ways, that ruins society and is morally bankrupt with no redeeming features.

The other is a documentary on Adolf Hitler :wink:


A man can’t live on caviar alone.


Fortunately the show only has 4 seasons, so it should be done rather quickly.


Took the words right out of my mouth.

Boy were the latter seasons a cluster fuck.


Couldn’t agree more about Dexter post season 4. Literally as soon as my girlfriend started season five I didn’t bother following it with her and she’s been asking why. I don’t even wanna break it to her. Season 1, 2 and 4 were the be all and end all for me.


The last episode off dexter really lets the rest off the series down. Would have been better if deb led a manhunt for dexter and bring him in for his crimes



This gonna be good! Can it be 9PM now?!

@GunnerGirl @Gunnerpr @Phoebica


@Persona get on season 10 of Doctor Who. Almost as good as peak Tenant!


Fuck that recoupling was INTENSE. Absolutely brilliant TV


Such a tense episode. Recoupling more tense than penalty shootouts


I’m on holiday Calum! I can’t watch it - not sure how well it’d go down if I went into a local bar and asked them to put it on. But from my friend’s WhatsApp messages I can tell tonight was a good one! I have a lot to catch up on.



Na, I think I’m out of that now tbh. I haven’t even been interested in reading up about it. The other day I realised I was still subbed on youtube to the DW channel, unsubbed immediately. :joy:


I don’t say such a thing lightly. :slight_smile:


Just heard there could be a double dumping on Love Island tonight? :grimacing: Holy cow, they need to stop doing this to me

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Love Island is not brilliant TV

Unless you’re retarded


For someone who hates it you post about it quite a lot :wink:


I just cant stand back and let someone call it brilliant

I must voice my concern goddammit


Yes, Piers! :giroud3: The impression… :joy: