What are you watching?

Oh yeah he did that bit in the episode i watched.

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Anyone else watch Master of None?

Got one episode to go of the second series.

Francesca :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The Detectorists, a comedy telly programme from 2014 about 2 blokes scouring the Essex countryside in search of the burial ship of King Sexred of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Essex.

Archer is literally the best program on TV

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^^^ :smirk:

I did just finish all 8 seasons of curb your enthusiasm trying to prepare myself for season 9 coming out in a couple months. Curb is possibly the best show ever to be on tv.

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^Not on tv per se, but I’m watching Friends from the beginning. Never watched it before (the odd episode here and there) and now have the time to cross it off the list. Makes a lot of sitcoms later than it look like trash.


Agreed, it’s definitely up there amongst the best ever.

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Think it’s a pretty shit version of Seinfeld with better looking characters, tbh.

Philadelphia is obviously the finest sit-com ever made.

If I had done had to guess your favourite sitcom this would have been the first one that came to mind lol

I much prefer UK sitcoms to the US based ones. Unless Larry David is involved, because Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm are incredible. I’m so hyped about there being a new series of CYE

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Fair enough.

Banshee is so awesome. Just watched 4 seasons of it.

Friends is the best show ever imo. Impossible to get bored of.


Ive been watching Homeland and OMFG this show winds me the fuck up. How can the main character be so annoying (Carrie). Every episode in every season she annoys me. Gonna have to give up on it.

the blonde woman? I had to stop watching because she just irks me.

I lasted to season 3 (I think) but yes she wound me up too much.

This should have been a one season show

He should have blown himself up and taken those Yankee imperialist pigdogs with him as he intended to all along

If they had gone in that direction I genuinely think it would have been remembered as one of the best and most memorable series ever.

I watched part way into series 2 but then got bored, probably because I was so disappointed by the mere fact that they carried on.

Mandy Patinkin is such a boss though

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Fucking love Banshee.
Absolutely sensational stuff, watched it through 3 times.


So many awesome fight scenes in that series.

That fight between Nola and Burton had me like :giroud2:


I love how fucking gory it is. Not for the faint hearted. Its properly OTT at times by thats the charm of the show. The fight scenes as well… great.