What are you watching?


Eurovison, gross.


UK got 15th on 111 points. Best placing since Blue in 2011.

Germany and Spain didn’t even get out of single digits. Sad.


Portugal was fucking wank.


Yup. That’s flipping awful. :joy:


You guys suck @CunningLinguist @AbouCuellar :joy_cat:


Intellectualites like @CunningLinguist and yours truly are well above such piffle. It’s more fitting for the likes of @TheSpecialCnut, despite–or as a result of–being uncivilised and illiterate/non-european.


Shut the fuck up.


They said on Eurovision that Australia’s TV broadcaster SBS is part of the European Broadcasting Union. And that is a qualification requirement for entering the Song Contest. So that’s why they’ve been invited back. Glad they do tbh, they give us 12 points :smile: Israel has always taken part too and they’re not in Europe.

I was very disappointed with the winner - I thought the dancing gorilla had it in the bag.


Now imagine if Australia win the thing one day and the Eurovision the year after would have to be hosted on the other side of the planet :joy:


Nope. Australia would be told they’d have to choose a European nation to host on their behalf. Aussie bros would obviously pick us. :slight_smile:


I tried Archer again. That show is just not funny, I really don’t get the hype.


:wink: Seriously, Archer is the bee’s knees.


You’re probably not smart enough to get the jokes.


Lol really? I thought the humor was quite dumbed down. Archer (the character) is annoying af tbh.


a4tt, A4TT, @ARSENAL4THETREBLE …Danger zone.


I was joking but yeh there is a lot of in your face lewd humour but it’s actually one of the smartest cartoon comedies. Lots of subtle nuanced jokes that people don’t seem to always notice.


Oh yeah he did that bit in the episode i watched.


Anyone else watch Master of None?

Got one episode to go of the second series.

Francesca :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


The Detectorists, a comedy telly programme from 2014 about 2 blokes scouring the Essex countryside in search of the burial ship of King Sexred of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Essex.


Archer is literally the best program on TV