West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)


Sanchez is saying, “only a few more games and I’ll be off,” and Ozil is pulling him back, replying, “please don’t leave me here alone, take me me with you.”


Nah he’s definitely saying can’t wait to kick you in the face bro when we line up for Juve and Inter next year.


Wow! Quite some changes here!




Is that like 4-3-3 system?

  1. Interesting.

Did they get this team by picking names out of a Santa hat?


Can’t wait to see for a Giroud vintage 60% passing accuracy, 3 missed sitters and getting by a jogging Reid.


Lol what the fuck is that team.

Why can’t we play both Lacazette and Giroud together instead of playing fucking Sanchez who has been shit all season


Boring. Like he was our worst player.


@AbouCuellar is getting his post match Giroud critique post ready as we speak. Just needs a few glaring misses and a few misplaced passes to cite

Olivier Giroud

He’s easily the worst player in that starting XI.


Is this nuts? I thought it was longer back than that…


His chilean buddy is gonna help him.


Theo not in the squad :see_no_evil:


Ok sir.


And he is not even injured. Guess he is gonna be sold in january.


I’m disappointed to see Giroud there but this could be one of the best ball playing teams we’ve put out in a long long time.


Exactly. Need it to unlock West Ham’s bus.


Fancy him to score tonight.

Also lol Walcott still can’t make the squad. Gives me a buzz evertytime it happens



That’s a 433

Oh my god. Welcome back buddy.