West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)



Who would win in a fight?

  • Hammerhead
  • Gunnersaurus

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Match result?

  • West Ham win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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I am not looking forward to this


I don’t know. We can win or lose at the same time. Hope Sanchez is benched and Giroud starts.


I’d like to see Laca and Giroud start together for once


Our record v West Ham is pretty good. They usually roll over for us.

I’m going 2-1 West Ham


Another easy win.


We need a direct player that knows how to score enough of the static play. Theo, Jack and Iwobi all play faster and more direct. Debuchy has played well and Bellerin needs to be dropped. Sead looks like he’s hit a wall too.

Edit: Forgot about Elneny so I replaced him in my make believe lineup, hes been doing a decent enough job at CB, I think he could shield the back 4 well. Hardly as wasteful as Xhaka.


Yeah, just like against Southampton. I suspect you are doing it on purpose.


They’ve just beaten Chelsea

doubt they’ll be rolling over


We’re at home so it should be fairly easy.
I’ll go 2-0 with Sanchez and Lacazette to score.


I’d actually go that they will score because fucking sanchez turns over the ball in a dangerous area again, fucking prick hope he goes in January.


sorry to tell you, we are away


Yeah it was a joke… I actually said at the bottom that West Ham would win 2-1


I’ll change that to 2-2 then.


I’d start Alexis up front, he got a hat trick at their ground last season. They have got their big win v Chelsea so they’ll roll over for us. 4-0


How about we start players who are ready to give 110% on the pitch and actually want to be at this club.



Iwobi for Alexis.



Yep fuck Sanchez. Never known a guy to lose the ball so much. You can accept it when he’s good but when he clearly couldn’t give a fuck. Drop.


Makes no sense, who is crossing to Giroud if Alexis is benched? he is incapable of scoring unless it’s on a plate. Can’t give sympathy starts, he is best off the bench. Alexis on the otherhand got a hat trick at their ground last season


No idea which Arsenal will turn up


He has 4 goals this season in the middle of December. This is an entirely different Alexis. He played out his skin last season to get a move to a better club. When he was told he wasn’t leaving until 2018 he has effectively gone on holiday for a season.