West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)



I argued at the end of last season that we should sell Sanchez (and a load of others frankly) but was shouted down ‘we can’t sell our best player you cunt’…

well he’s pretty much fucking useless now, giving the ball away virtually every time he gets it

We really would be better off dropping him

what a total shambles of a club, fortunately I’ll be dead soon enough so won’t have to suffer any more


fair play. you were right. I thought we would have got the same player. How wrong I was…


This. We should be better without him, imo.


It was blatantly obvious he would do this

He’s a ‘Big I am’ merchant, made it clear he wanted away, Wenger ballsed up, he had to stay

now he’s chucked all the toys out of the pram like a fucking baby & this is exactly why I said we should sell him

So predictable & so horrible to watch

can we please have a new manager? please?


At home? :smile:


It’s not often that a team should ever drop their “best” player. There is always that thought of “he can produce a moment of magic”. However, it’s getting frustrating watching him now.

Not starting Alexis doesn’t mean we have to start Giroud though. We have other options. But something has to be done. Sanchez just looks wasteful and nondescript.

He’s given up on us - and isn’t even trying to hide it, so maybe it’s time for us to give up on him.


Ozil Iwobi


Play this on wednesday. Thanks.


I’m not bothered by Sanchez. He was trying to penetrate and make something happen. I was sitting on my couch frustrated as fuck watching our limp dick attack pass sideways around the box, can only imagine how a world class attacking player felt working with scrubs. Sanchez trying to dribble and wait for someone to make a good run to get in position to score and pass between the lines was the least of my concerns. Lacashite is the biggest issue imo.


Tbh, I think people are overreacting. I still think the positives Alexis brings to the team outweigh the negatives and dropping him for anyone else in the squad would be a tremendous drop in quality in the XI.

At the moment our season depends on getting Laca, Alexis, Ozil & Ramsey on the pitch as much as possible.


Don’t answer to that american guy. He is crying for his boyfriend Walcock to play.


His Opta stats for today and man Utd are HORRIBLe

lost possession 60 times in those two games, passing accuracy 61%

he’s not even doing the basics right and it’s rubbing off on the rest

I say bench him, that is not an over reaction, that’s based on observation


I know, I got that wrong, that’s why I have changed it to a 2-2 draw.


I wanted to sell him as well.
We should have got the 50m for Man City and gone all out and got Lemar or another top quality player that wants to play for us.

It was clear he didn’t want to be here and making him stay was a big mistake by Wenger and recent performances are the result of that decision.
He is playing as if he already knows that he is going in the transfer window.

I would start him in the game against West Ham but if he keeps playing like he doesn’t care, get him off, and get someone on who does.



got huge abuse from the in crowd on here for saying this stuff

I’d go further and say we should change virtually every member of the squad over the next 3 or 4 windows

None of that will happen til we change the manager


Demotivated Alexis still has more quality and more ability to change a game than all of our players, so you can’t drop him. Our alternatives are Giroud needs it on a plate to score, better off the bench, Welbeck big donkey, that attempted cross today was complete jokes, he only is a good runner for big games, Iwobi decent baller but too raw, he’s not going to give you game changing moments.




oh do shut up

NOR is Alexis gonna do fuck all

you only watch through rose tinted spectacles

he has been GASH these last two games, he has actually been hurting our performance

the stats boys tell you this


So we have to keep him on the field and wait for him to produce a moment of magic? Who gives a fuck if he loses the ball countless times, right?


That is possibly true.
If it is true, what does that say about the inadequacies of our first team, that a player in very poor form that doesn’t want to be here, is still one of our best players, and most influential?

What a mess.


This thing is an unmotivated Alexis brings down the rest of the team. I honestly believe we could have had more chances to score today had he not killed most of our attacks.

No one is denying Sanchez’ ability. We know what he can do, we have seen it! But this is a different Alexis to the one we had last season. It’s also about effort and attitude, which seem to be lacking lately.

Sometimes having a “team” works better than having 10 players and a star. A star who wants to leave, at that.

He doesn’t seem to gel with the rest of the team either. He has no friends you know :smile_cat: