West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)


People think it’s a new thing that Alexis is selfish and gives away possession, it’s not… He’s always done it and been that type of player but he still makes up for it in goals and assists. He done it less up front last season but from the wing that’s always been his style, and back then he was a huge fan favourite, now he’s hated just for wanting to win something more than a FA Cup


No, he is hated because he is playing for us, but not giving a fuck. He should just ask to leave and we should sell him.


I don’t hate Alexis at all. I appreciate what he did for us. On top form, he is absolutely great to watch.

But he really doesn’t want to be here. I admit I was wrong about wanting to keep him in the summer, I thought keeping hold of him showed ambition. Now, however, i’d give him his wish and let him go in January. I’d throw as much money as possible at Ramsey and Özil to stay and attempt to sign someone like Lemar or Fekir.


Yeah I understand he’s declined and playing as a team is an option but only if we sign quality in his position, but we’re in desperate need of points so we need to keep playing him until the end. Him and Ozil are good buds tbh


Has he really helped us win many points so far this season?


Yes, as recently as several hours ago :grinning: NLD, Burnley etc he was vital


He was bloody awful today, getting an assist doesn’t change that. As I keep saying, I really think we’d have been better off without him. He was in desperate search of the perfect ball all the time, rather than going for the best option for the team.


he scored a pen that Lacazette would have took if he was playing. If I remember he was awful in that game


I mean, we can’t :wink:


Whatever his negatives people will soon be pulling their hair out over the Welbeck / Giroud / Iwobi / Wilshere negatives in his place.

People forget he was pretty shit by his standards the season before last then started to be better towards the end, before having his good season last year before getting bad towards the end. He’s always been a bit hit and miss, it’s just when he’s on it he’s awesome.

I think he has to play through this bad form in the hope that he maybe comes good for a prolonged spell in time for the EL / top 4 run in.


He was but he stepped up under pressure and won us the game, a bad game followed by a winning goal, that’s a sign of a world class player


I’m not sure having a crap game and then scoring a winning penalty is the sign of being world class. Mediocre players do that all the time.

But for what it’s worth @GunnerGirl I do actually agree to an extent with everything else you’ve said . When he is on it Alexis is great to watch. I’m grateful for the important goals he has scored for us and would love him to regain that form, as long as he loses it again at City :smile:

And at the start of the season, I would have scoffed at the idea of dropping him. Even now, at the back of my mind i’m thinking there is always that chance that he’ll do something special. But for me, i’d risk a game without him. Including today, we’ve got 3 games in 6 days. It wouldn’t hurt to mix it up slightly midweek.

But Wenger probably won’t drop him anyway. Fabregas said before that Wenger is in the minority of managers, in terms of having a lot of patience, “You play bad one game, you play bad two games, but he still trusts you.”


Would love a 4-3-1-2…


Bellerin - Kosh - Monreal - Kolasinac

Ramsey - Xhaka - Wilshere


Lacazette - Giroud


If it was at Emirates yeah but we’re so bad away from home we can’t risk anything, agreed on Wenger, his biggest weakness is making players too comfortable, he needs cajones :grinning:


Gonna go with us to edge this one 2-1, don’t think west Ham will get a result against two top 6 sides in a row, that coupled with our good record against the Hammers.


Another giant killing for Moyes.

Cech; Debuchy - Chambers - Koscielny - Kolasinac; Xhaka - Elneny / Ramsey - Wilshere; Ozil - Lacazette; Giroud.


Good idea to keep a not motivated player here.


Wenger is not stubborn to change. Ramsey is injuried though.


I meant that you don’t know what to expect from us.


Tomorrow’s outfit: