West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)


Every poll this season ive picked anti-Arsenal

West Ham win tonight.


Double post coz that line up is horrendous.

Monreal at the back in a two.

Niles left back.

Xhaka gonna be left on his own.

Giroud with a 100 turnovers probably today.

Iwobi in a three MIGHT work but why test it now.


Was genuinely anticipating Elneny-Xhaka… But, Jack Wilshere



If it is 433, Iwobi will probably switch places with Ozil & we will have Ozil in middle :heart_eyes:


I like it being changed up. We’re so crap away from home that any new strategy is welcome.




MDC open.




Fucking flat again. Awful awful awful.

Fuck this possession. I want goals, I don’t care how. We’re so ineffectieve. Sanchez needs to be dropped.

Wilshere fantastic.



Same shit different game.

18 points now dropped away from home this season.


Boring game. Fucking awful up front once again


Fucking joke


So depressing to support Arsenal this season :neutral_face:


In 7th place now. Get in!


The right place for us. We are just bang average.


7th place, thank God Wenger stayed as we’d be bottom half without him. I apologise to all those people that said we careful what you wish for, clean sheet and away point in a London derby :fire:


“We kept a clean sheet” :wink:


We were fucking shit but we could have been looking even worse with two defeats. Giroud in the last minute at Southampton and West Ham hit the bar in last minute.

We look awful. The worst we have ever looked for me.


The problem is that we will have 1 more year of this shit. Wenger will left us around 10th place.