West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)


I think @Calum is somebody that likes our third kit.


Tbf I post what we’re wearing for every away game in the PL lol


I like our third kit; odd we wear it more than the blue one.

On The Arsenal website it was sold out for awhile.


Just win FFS!


We play West Ham twice in a week. Should win them both. Will probably lose them both.


I do like you.


Defo your best year for kits, if you had that yellow and grey one this year instead of the blue one then it’s a hat trick of gold shirts I say


Does @Phoebica feel the same?

Could there be :heart_eyes: in the air? :wink:


I was being ironic towards her comment :hipster:


Cmon if u wanna reach the top of my most beloved oa member list, you gotta be more positive :heart:


I know we’re going to win really. West Ham love losing to us. When we play them, they have a sign up saying, “Want 3 points? We’ll gift wrap them for you, and put a shiny bow on top.”

Better? :sunglasses:


Can see Giroud and Iwobi starting this one.


Be a decent game this but with errors on both sides. Going for a 2 2. League cup tie the bigger game for me.


Should be 2 wins, tbh. But it’s Arsenal we are talking about.


I think we’ll be fortunate to get a point.




So @Phoebica @Midfield_Maestro @Ocke @hassassin

What was your reason for not backing our boy Gunnersaurus and picking Hammerhead instead? :wink:


Because Hammerhead sounds like the nickname of someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.

Gunnersaurus is too lovable to be a good fighter.


They look happy :xhaka:


“No worries, mate. We’ll be out of here soon.”