WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


Must be great to have likes as your priority rather than engaging in a conversation.


Off of James McClean. :no_mouth:


Incorrect decision is incorrect.

Just because it stands doesn’t make it correct & since we are discussing the term ‘deserve’; that goal was not deserved by West Brom


We didn’t play well but you always hear people say “that’s what champions do” when really top teams play a dire match and grind out a 1-0 win. Yet just because we’ve been fucking robbed by that absolute anti-Arsenal cunt Mike Dean, people will now say “a draw was fair”. Fuck off, use the same logic.

The only reason we didn’t grind out a valuable 1-0 win today was because their goal was fucking gift wrapped by that arrogant prick. I can’t believe that decision, it’s frankly disgusting.

What the fuck is it with referees not having common sense? Why do we have to suffer continually because of incompetence.


Based on that logic, I would argue we didn’t deserve our deflected goal either.


How is that? Please do argue.


Because we didn’t ‘deserve’ it.


It was a gift from James McClean’s backside. Dubious goals panel agrees. :stuck_out_tongue:


A deflection is part & parcel of the game, especially if Sanchez is aiming for a gap.
A deflection won’t happen if you don’t force it.

Getting an incorrect decision is just an errornous accomodation of football.


Yeah but that’s because Champions produce these type of performances on the odd occasion, we produce these type of performances in 80% of our matches away from home, hence we don’t get the same leeway.


You do really want to give up on football. The manager is past it and stubborn, the players average and shit and the referees and the media hate us because we don’t have enough british players.

What a shit end to the year! Thanks Wenger, Dean, Xhaka, Daily Mail and Sky Nazi Sports.


Considering you’re a bullshit spewing machine, why would I bother with discussing with you.



Here are the sides Dean has refereed most, and the amount of penalties he’s given for them…

Can we fucking demand some investigation into this absolute cheating prick?


So you can mute me. Why would you go out of your way to mock someone just because you disagree?


That’s possibly the smart decision here.


Of course, he hates us. Only blind people can’t see it.


I agree, I’m not comparing us to champions but I’m just pointing out that if you isolate this match, saying we played poorly is secondary to the fact that we essentially got robbed of three points. We should be allowed to play poorly and still win deservedly when we actually score a legitimate goal.


Yeah I think if we scored a nice clean goal rather than a pure arse deflected free kick more people would be of that opinion.


The ball was curving if it wasn’t touched very well could have been a beautiful fk.


Calum tells Dean to fuck off as well. Never seen our players so angry. They usually don’t give a fuck.