WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)

:spiral_calendar: SUNDAY 31 DECEMBER 2017
:stadium:️ THE HAWTHORNS
:clock430: 16:30

Let’s end the year with a bang! The last time we played a league match on NYE was in 2011/12. We beat QPR at home 1-0 with van Persie scoring his 34th and last goal of 2011.

Who would win a 100m race?

  • Baggie Bird
  • Gunnersaurus

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  • WBA get their first league win since August
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win two away games in a row!!

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Going to say Arsenal 2-1, they aren’t very good and we should do enough to get the 3 points.

They look awful so we should beat them.

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Gotta vote against my main man Gunnersaurus this time. That bird motherfucker has actual legs.

West Brom have two mascots, and the guy who used to play the other one - Albi - just died…Gunnersaurus would have to be a bit of a dick to not let the Baggies have this one!


Have we ever wore a all red home kit before?!

But If we do, I hope we don’t again.

No idea what year this was

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Looking at the hair styles, it looks like the early eighties.
If that is Arsenal, I certainly don’t remember us wearing red shorts.
I know Rotherham used to have a similar kit as us.

The only reason I can think of, is if the kit man forgot the white shorts and we had to borrow some of the opposition team.

So we are wearing our home kit away?

Why do they do things like that. If there’s a clash just wear a different kit that doesn’t clash. We have three full kits that are massively different to each other and we still end up with stupid mix and match combinations.


We should win this fairly comfortably, especially if we get an early goal.
I’ll go 2-0 to us, Lacazette and Wilshere.

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Really want Laca to return to goal. He needs to score before 70’ though :hipster:

Reading on Twitter, we’ve worn red and red a few times. Apparently on Boxing Day in 1970 we were made to wear red shorts because it was snowing :grin:

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I like the red and red.

Interestingly, there has been no such problem in recent years, with Gunners playing in red shirts and white shorts on numerous occasions at the Hawthorns

They even beat the Midlands side 2-0 as recently as September, with both teams in their home kits.

Weird one from us tbf lol

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Resembles the scouse dogs too much for my liking.

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They missed this part out:

but before the 70th minute as you’ll be subbed lol.


Yeah, he needs to score quickly, as Wenger can’t wait to sub him.

he is probably thinking whats the point if i score i get subbed anyway, wenger has totally destroyed his confidence.

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