WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


I don’t think it was going in and that’s probably why it was awarded an own goal as it didn’t look on target, would have loved for Sanchez to be awarded the goal though.


On another note, how poor was our pressing ? Pretty much non existent, really was a comfortable afternoon for a piss poor side playing a top 6 side.



Awful decision but the way we played was equally frustrating, boring and dire, we definitely need fresh ideas rather than the same stale team and management


Mike Dean is a fucking disgrace. Just seeing his face pisses me off no end


It wasn’t legitimate though, no way is that a penalty. This isn’t just a few blinkered Arsenal fans, nobody thinks that’s a penalty.


its because it is not fucking incompetence it is fucking deliberate there is no way the refs in the EPL are strictly on the level especially that bald-headed smeagle look-a-like little wanker.


Only happen when Dean referees our games. Do we need more proofs to see Dean is corrupted by probably Manure or Tottenham?


This is the same Dean that gifted us a goal against Spurs earlier in the season.

Like I said, you get decisions that go for and against you. This week we had a decision that went against us. Our poor performance should be the real focus here.


Seriously, if you can’t see that despite being shit we got robbed i don’t know what to say.


Sick and tired of this part of the game.
I hated Cricket for being toss & pitch heavy; and I am beginning to dislike football for being light years behind other games in terms of getting decisions right.

Goal Line technology should have been implemented plenty of years ago & should have been used to govern offside decisions by now.
Instead we get useless fourth referee.

Took years to change the rule of penalty plus red card.

Took years for video refereeing to be considered.

Took effing years for a fucking foam spray to be used and such low is the budget these days for a billion dollar league that foam line has been reduced to foam spot.

Football referring needs to catch up. It’s 2018.


It doesn’t matter. We’ve benefited from plenty of shoddy decisions in the past. Are you as angry at the bad decision when it goes in our favour as you are when it doesn’t?

The truth is - we were absolutely shit today. And we have been for a long time now. That’s why I don’t even care that Mike Dean got it wrong because the truth is as wrong as he got it our manager got everything a lot worse.


What I hate is cunty refs that love to give a decision, like it’s some work of genius on their part to see an obscure infraction like they’re Zidane pulling the ball out of the air. They can go for or against you but at the end of the day it’s some cunt’s ego, and on this occasion it’s cost us 2 points and if we miss top 4 by 1 point then that’s a difference of millions of pounds and an ability for our club to recruit players, for our coach to keep his job (:grin:) so the stakes are high for every point in the PL.

I don’t know why we still let them get away with having so much influence on the outcome of games.


I agree with you. We shouldn’t be in a position where massive games are decided by bad decisions but the reality at the moment is that we are. And it’s a very sad state of affairs.


Which decisions? We are a side who barely get a decision in their favour, apart from against Tottenham this season.


Yeah we shouldn’t let the bad decision distract from our performance. We were playing against a team second from bottom and we only created one half decent chance from my memory (Lacazette in the second half). Simply put it was a disgraceful performance and when Özil leaves I really, really, fear for us going forward.


How about Burnley? And that’s on more than one occasion too.

You’re dreaming if you think we don’t benefit from poor refereeing too.


Less than the big teams and you know it. We are hated by the F.A.


I don’t know it and you are completely inventing things. We are not hated by the. F.A and there is not a campaign against us from the referees.

If you are so adamant the above is true then you should provide the evidence to support it otherwise stop inventing things.


Lots of bad decisions have gone against us this year, alot more bad against us than in our favor.