WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


Lets judge over a larger sample size, like 38 points from 21 games on target for 69 points. Is this an amount we should be excited about ?


Luca no one on sky said it was a penalty. What you watching it on


I didn’t say we deserve the title, did i?

We deserved the win.


I mean Manure fans on Redcafe. Manure and fucking Mourinho are bastards of the highest orderds. Focus on your shit cocksucking team full of cunts.


If you think we deserved to win, then you were watching a different game from me.

It’s a shitty way to lose two points, but a draw is a fair result.


No but it’s realistic. A bit low, but the refs have stolen about 7 - 9 points from us so far this season. I mean considering the circumstances we aren’t all that far off from where we should be.


What did the other team do to deserve the points?


Nothing, hence why I said a draw was a fair result.


Why the fuck are you reading redcafe lol who cares what they think


The only time to read Redcafe is when they lose, so you can drink all those salty tears.


So home team did nothing.
An away team did more and actually scored a goal.

Yeah a draw.


Mike Dean should be investigated, tbh. Too many decisions have gone against us. He has clearly an agend against us.




The only players who shows ball. Well-done Petr! You just have to go face to face against these rats. I am fucking fed up with the english xenophobic referees. I guess they wouldn’t hate us if we had more british players. So the media.


Both sides were crap, and a draw was fair.


In what world did we do more? We had the same number of attempts and were as shit as WBA were.


We scored a goal. Legitimately.
In my books, That’s doing more.


What about starting to pay the referees? It’s the only thing who can get them on our side.



So did they. Just because you don’t agree with the decision, doesn’t mean it wasn’t legitimate.