WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


OK. I’m over it now. Says it all really.


Look at the brightside only 1.5 years until Wenger fucks off and we get the chance of a competent manager.


Yeah sometimes in a hostile environment you have to grind these wins out. Refs fucked us again today, this year they’ve managed to steal about 7 or 9 points from us already. Sad.


That dickhead has made a lot of money betting against Arsenal in games that he officiates.

Standard of refereeing in the EPL is pretty piss poor.


I wonder how many points Wenger has cost us…


Cech is proper raging in the sky post match interview


None, we should probably finish 4th with the stolen points from refs we are comfortable in there and Wenger is overachieving tbh.


He should be.

Valuable points Mike Dean just stole.


When we play away from home we always run the gauntlet, if we do win it usually by the odd goal, so if a bad decision goes against us we leave ourselves vulnerable, we just have to accept we aren’t that good which was always inevitable when you stick with a manager years past the used by date.


Mike Dean go play in traffic you match fixing cunt.

Gibbs wasnt even appealing for it, it was all Mike Dean.

Dont care if we didnt ‘warrant’ the win. We were fucking winning and the 3 pts should have been ours.


Gibbs doesn’t even appeal for it :joy::joy::joy:


That doesn’t mean we didn’t deserve to win.

Yeah we are no Manchester City or Barcelona or Bayern Munich but we scored a goal & didn’t allow them to score, until a bald cunt decided that the game should be a draw.


Thank you.


we HOPE, not guaranteed he could sign on again the fucking shitstain.


I am fucking fed up. We are shit, but the referee can’t wait to fuck us over.


You get decisions that go for you and decisions that go against you. As much as it isn’t nice to be on the receiving end of it, that was a terrible performance and if the continued shit performances don’t convince Wenger to sign in January and step aside in the summer then I don’t know what will.


When we are playing our absolute best but don’t manage to win, I don’t see you folks going ‘lets give Wenger a break because we deserved to win’.

But yes we are winning a match by playing shit, so obviously we didn’t deserve it. great logic.


Fucking Manure cocking sucking cunts say it is penalty. Of course, Manc Dean supports Manure.


Yea those three fucking times this season, i just am not that charitable.


Can always count on Mike Dean.