WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


MDC open.












fucking cunt ref, of course it all has to be about him, no way in fucking hell is that a penalty a ball knocked in chambers from fucking 1 yard away


We didn’t deserve a win but still


Cech to Dean: “You always say that that is never a hand ball”.


Oh well…fucking Mike Dean!


At least the ref will distract everyone from the steaming pile of shit that was the preceding 90 odd mins. Post match Wenger is so predictable.



Exactly. Wasn’t a penalty but didn’t warrant a win there anyway against a side as bad as West Brom. Get the excuses in Arsene


Wenger will whinge about the penalty and yeah it shouldn’t have been awarded, but all in all it was a disgusting performance and we were only ahead due to a lucky free kick. Also FWIW Lacazette got the full 90 this game, still didn’t help him get on the scoresheet


Shit decision, shit performance, shit year from Arsenal. Bring on 2018…


We scored a goal & should not have conceded a goal. That is a win for me & we deserved it.

Not every win has to be comfortable 4-0 drubbing.


That was incredibly painful. I actually fell asleep at one point. We have no identity anymore. No plan. No clue.

I’m always up for some Mike Dean bashing though


yeah for another year of fucking shit, we all know how it will go until that fucking prick pisses off.


God awful year. FA cup win feels like an eternity ago