WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


Just looked Salah! Scenes

I have no bench though as Kane and Ogbonna don’t have a game so 8 a side for me this round :joy::joy:


Who gives a fuck about your FPL! We are not winning without Ozil.


Just rested I think. Or a cold, like he has every year in December


“A strange” cold :xhaka:


I do pizza boy. :kissing_heart:


We are a much worse side to watch without Özil, which is REALLY saying something.


Minor knee.

DOUBT for Chelsea :confused:


no worries iwobi will give an ozilesque performance and save us from the mighty west brom




no worries guys we have iwobi remember we will be fine.


Nah he has “travelling up north in December itus”

Swear there is always something wrong with him at this time of year.


Great! We not winning the next 2 games FFS! Great start to the year!


Was looking forward to this game, to end the year in style. Now i can’t really see us winning it. Stupid fucking Wenger and his “minor injuries”!


Lol West Brom haven’t won a match since August, we’ll be fine.


So they are due a win :wink:


First time for everything, and we are awfully charitable as a club.


Our Twitter account is celebrating Wenger 811 games in charge. Talk about a Zimbabwe-esque regime.


There was recently a military overthrow of Mugabe there so who knows :slight_smile:


I thought this was going to be 2-0 but without Ozil it could be like almost every other PL game yesterday and be 0-0.


Interested to see if Iwobi can step up in Özil’s absence for a change. Need more from this guy.