Virgil van Dijk


Yeah you may well be right, I was only focusing in the Bonucci comparison.

I’d be happy to spend that money on van Dijk but I do think there is better value to be had, I guess I just care less about whether we get value these days, I’m more interested in having the right players.


Do you not think their could be a hint of he Chris Sambas to vvd as in he has been crowned the best CB in the prem outside the top 4 by media types and must be signed at all costs?

I wouldn’t be perticulary surprised if he goes to Liverpool and flops, not that that’s actually based on much as I haven’t watched Southampton much


I think he’s a completely different kettle of fish to Samba from what I’ve seen



Fucking hell have you ever watched VVD play?


As I said in my post I wasn’t nessisarilly conspiring their styles as players more the perception of him being the CB any of the top clubs should sign if they were looking to sign one


We used Kolasinac as CB on sunday. Enough to say Wenger is not gonna be another CB.


We have enough contract disputes as it is, we dont need another player who signs a contract, then wants out…Leave him be, there must be someone better than this ungrateful rebel, surely.


You’re talking £70m for a defender, what the actual…? As a comparison, Theo Walcott cost us just £5m initially and has since weighed in with nearly 70 goals for the club. 13x the fee but we can’t exactly say he’s 13x the player can we :thinking:


That’s all well and good for the short term but we need to start planning for life after Koscinely ideally sooner rather than later and what better way to do that than with VVD.


:innocent: :santi2:


:smile: I like the optimism.


I said months ago that we definitely should be making this guy a priority, but signing one, if not the best CB in the league is just something we don’t do.

Crazy shit like that leads to winning titles.

Also I don’t really understand this Samba stuff, sure his career went downhill fast due to some seriously bad career choices, but he was a superb CB for Blackburn a few years ago, I wonder if people who constantly use him as an example even watched him. VVD comparison is pure hilarity though, very different players.


I may be wrong but I think Kaner was simply playing devils advocate here.


When did I say they were similar players? People really need to improve their comprehension skills

For the 3rd time I was compairing them in a sense of them being flavour of the month with the plebs of he world and neither is (or was) actually that good, sambas career after leaving Blackburn shows that’s a pretty fair assessment of him


You’ve clearly never watched either so I have no idea why you would bring them up in any regard. They’re far from similar in any way, be that as players or as transfers.

The only one sounding like a pleb is you mate.


i asked if it was possible if vvd could be a player that is over rated in a similar way samba was that’s all, I also said I hadn’t watched vvd and that’s why I was asking… can’t you please quote the post of mine where I say anything difrent from that please…

I really don’t see why that seems to have upset you lol


It hasn’t but the short answer is no he’s not over rated, he’s the definition of a modern center back and if Liverpool snap him up they will be making one of the signings of the summer in the league.


That’s a guaranteed fact yeah? Let’s see this time next year


The fuck do you want me to do? Predict the goddamn future?


Yes we can!!