Virgil van Dijk


He’s not, he’s a solid good player but there are better options out there especially for the fees quoted.

But since he’s ‘PL proven’ they’ll probably end up buying him for £48mil which is just insane.

I like Koeman but he’s making a few shitty decisions lately, particularly bringing in Rooney.


It’s probably bullshit and abit of a pipe dream but I’m praying we’re in for Van Dijk, we’d arguably have one of if not the best back 3’s in the league (I’m a little biased) if we managed to nab him.

The likes of Monreal, Mertesacker & Holding would still get more than enough game time too and on top of that splashing 50-60mil on Van Dijk would show Alexis and Özil we’re not fucking around aswell.

Not only that but with Koscienly’s achilles, the BFG retiring at the end of the season & Gabriel and Chambers likely to be on the way out we’re crying out for a new centre back, especially one on VVD’s level. He fit’s the profile perfectly + his an absolute beast.


With Per retiring and Koscielny on his last legs due to injury and age, we really need to invest in a long term established CB by next season. VvD would be perfect but reckon Liverpool is his likely deatination. We will instead panic buy next summer most likely.


If the transfer seems obvious for the fans, it won’t happen


Chelsea and Liverpool can offer him Champions League football. Plus, I really can’t see us spending £70m on a CB.

But we did look at him when he was at Celtic apparently. So another to add to the “we could have signed him” list


Chelsea-bound, should throw them back into the title mix again, if they were ever out of it that is


In theory you shouldn’t be spending huge amounts on defenders. They’re traditionally one of the cheapest players on the pitch, external factors will usually increase the price but there still tremendous value in the market if you look properly


Yep. Robert Samuel Holding is evidence of that :sunglasses:


Paul Joyce is quite reliable for Liverpool.

Law has already said Chelsea want him

Don’t know if he’s the same for us but would be a unbelievable signing


Wouldn’t be looking to pay more for a CB ham AC Milan just paid for bonucci, Their has to be a defender out their better than vvd for a lot cheaper


Holding needs games, and with another season under his belt he could show himself to be top level anyways.

I wouldn’t sign a CB. Maybe next season if Koscielny declines seriously/needs replacing.


Koscieny is one of those players who could have an arteta-esque decline. For a player who has relied so much on pace and plagued by niggling injuries koscileny is a ticking time bomb. I don’t think we’re far away from Koscilenys next injury to be 6months+.

Shifting Gabriel in for someone like Van Dijk makes perfect sense to me.

With the injury records of Koscielny and Mustafi combined with playing three at the back there will be huge opportunity for Holding to pick up serious minutes. Including the fact we will have a bloated season this year with Europa.

Especially since Wenger has shown a clear liking to him and hasn’t been afraid to use him (which is what has stopped other players in the past).


Koscielny ending up like Arteta or Santi feels inevitable to me.

A bit of a risk going into next summer needing to somehow replace 2 elite forwards with the potential to be in a bad situation at the back with Per retiring and Koscielny admittedly suffering from chronic issues.


Our centre back position is deceiving, with fitness question marks over at least 3 of them and consistency/quality issues with Gabriel

Wenger’s gone multi-positional again with Kolasinaç but I’d still say you push for VVD if he’s on the market. 3rd favourites to get him tho surely


We won’t sign VVD, he’ll cost over 60m and this is just a case of our name being used. It doesn’t look like we’re prepared to goto 60m for Lemar so we won’t be doing so for VVD


He’s probably the best central defender in the league but he won’t be coming to Arsenal. We made our big money centre half signing when we signed Mustafi from Valencia 12 months ago.


The correct signing to make but way, way out of our league. Already laying out a heavy fee for Lacazette + possibly adding 1 or 2 more could easily see us spending near £150M on three alone. Add Dicky boy and we’re well over our heads I reckon, no matter how much the seniors spout on that we have funds available.


Just can’t see him joining us given the competition we’re facing. Also the asking price, lol.


There were factors keeping that transferred fee relatively low, if he was willing to move abroad they could have got way more for him. It doesn’t really make sense to use his transfer to Milan as some sort of benchmark for what defenders should cost.


I guess so but I’d still say the price being asked for vvd is crazy, there will be plenty of CBs out their who are better and cheeper