Virgil van Dijk


Because we already have 6 centre backs?


Just like we already had 5 central midfielders (and a host of other players who could occupy the role) and Wenger still signed Xhaka. If a player is good enough - the club will want to sign him and I’m sure one or two players would be shipped out anyway. If we persist with 3 at the back, having 6 CBs is a requirement.


One of the two yoof is always going out on loan and Mertesacker is basically a non-player now as far as I’m concerned, so I’d be up for this. But if Chelsea want him, Chelsea get him I suppose. We must accept our position at the table (did I just admit that? :expressionless:)


Yeah you know what I’ll hold my hands up you’re right man, I’m a little tempted to go up and edit it to his up there with the best but fuck it lol

As for Alderweireld he does benefit from playing under Pochettino like any defender would but he still deserves he fair share of credit, after all every team he plays for are consistently solid.

On top of that he rarely concedes any fouls either

“In 5,500 Premier League minutes since the start of last season, he has committed 16 [fouls]. By way of comparison, Shkodran Mustafi has conceded 32 since August.”

Which is an incredible statistic even if it is benefited by how well drilled and organised the players are around him thanks to Pochettino’s style which you alluded to.


@Titou14 there’s no doubt he’s a very good CB and I like his game, great pick up for Spuds and cost peanuts.

That is quite a good statistic, I think he also has only two yellows this season one of which from the Chelsea FA Cup game. However, Spuds don’t really get exposed even with two FB’s high up the pitch. They are very good at covering and swarming, whereas our default setting in defence is to come out wearing our birthday suits lol.


this guy will be expensive i reckon you could get Manolas for cheaper than this guy and he is arguably better, not sure we will be looking at CBs in the summer anyway i think our midfield and striking situation are our biggest problems


From what I can gather Van Dijk is a highlights type player who’s overall defending isn’t great. A defensively solid team who sit back makes his job far harder than it would be at a top attacking team.

We only had 1 DM though, granted it appears Xhaka is worse in that dimension than first though but we had squad positions to fill.

Added to that we desperately need a CF and probably a CM still. Our CBs aren’t that bad, any CB will get ripped apart when they are outnumbered like ours often have been.

Hopefully we sign Kolasinac as rumoured as his recovery pace would shore up our left side and he can play CB if required



He is Dutch. We’ve had a nice Dutch pipeline through the years. Chelsea just had lefty mclefterson and he’s a dooshbag.


He is clearly going there. Expect Liverpool to smash the record for a defender.


I hope Southampton stick a ridiculous price tag on him, a la Swansea with sigurdsson

The more Liverpool spend on rubbish players the more it’ll affect them further down the line. Daniel Levy spoke about unsustainability this morning- Liverpool are the perfect example


Daniel Levy spent £35m on Sissokko lol.



I suppose Levy giving a lecture on frugality is like Ariana Grande speaking up the virtues of celibacy


You mean like how buying players like Lucas Perez, Elneny and Gabriel has affected us lol


I don’t get Liverpool. They could afford some WC players, but they waste the money on average ones.


Perhaps world class players don’t want to go there :sunglasses:


Still one of the funniest transfers in recent history.


Yeah, think they even prefer us :wenger:


They have had a few strange transfers in recent seasons.
They bought Lamala, Paulinho, Soldado and Sissoko for 100m and none of them have looked anywhere like good value.
But the transfer they must regret is selling Sigurdsson to Swansea for 10m and Ben Davies.
It will be interesting to see what Pochettino is going to do in this window, if anything.


I mean, the Lamela, Paulinho, Soldado transfers at least had some logic to them on paper. The Sissoko transfer was just so obvious from the beginning they were getting swindled and buying a shit player for a hefty fee because, well, because I still don’t know why, but I guess because he had a ‘good’ Euro Cup.

Dunno about Sigurdsson, not sure he’s quite good enough to be a difference maker for the top tier of clubs.