Virgil van Dijk

Would be a brilliant signing and perfect for three at the back if we continue with it. Think Chelsea will get him though. As they have the CL, a better manager and will probably offer more money.

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My favourite part of the article: It is understood that Arsenal are prepared to match any wages offered by rival clubs for the Holland international who they considered when he left Celtic for Southampton for just £13 million in 2015

of course we considered him when he was £30m cheaper :rolling_eyes:


I highly doubt we’re going to add another center back.

Seems to be a case of trying to link us to a player for clicks.


Must ship out Gabriel or Per, before adding another CB, both not happening.

Very good player coming off the back of a great season. However, he’s going to cost what at least over £40mil? It’s a non-starter.

I think a slept on CB in the league is Hull’s Harry Maguire, everytime I see him play he looks the business and a steal in terms of cost and upside. If we were to get a CB he’s well worth a punt.

With that said I’m liking Holding and Chambers as our CB’s for the future.

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The club isn’t sleeping on him.


Highly doubt this. £40m when we have Mustafi, Kosc, Gabs, Holding, and Chambers? And Mertesacker?

I don’t see it.

We spent £35m on Mustafi and £38m on Xhaka - why is it unrealistic that we’d spend similar sums of money on another player in a similar age range?

If we are to continue playing 3 CB’s then we need to stock up on that position. Ideally need 5 or 6.

That’s true, but we weren’t bidding against a top club for Xhaka or Mustafa.
Wenger doesn’t do bidding wars.
Also, what can we offer him that Chelsea can’t?
He is a top class CB and he could pick almost any club in the PL to go to, so unless no other club want him, he isn’t coming here.

He’s a beast and will probably end up at Chelsea.

How do you know that no other club was in for said players? Because it wasn’t publicised?

Holding, Chambers, Gabriel and Per really shouldn’t be reasons for us not bidding for van Dijk - who is way above the lot of them! If a player who will dramatically improve our defence is available then we should absolutely go for it. Or, after Sunday’s game, are we now all under the impression that our defence is world class and needs no additions?!


I’m sure if any of the other top clubs had been interested it would have been all over the media.
I’m not saying no other clubs weren’t looking at them but no other top club made a firm offer for them.
I’d be surprised if we got him, or any other top quality player, if Chelsea, Man U, Man City were also bidding for them.

If we still played with a 3-man defence next season another quality CB would be needed.

Can’t see it happening. He’s going to Liverpool. Only a matter of time.

We should be all over this especially with the likes of Laporte, Manolas & possibly Bonucci on the move aswell we might just be able to sneak him in under the radar tho that being said he’s arguably the best cb in the league after Alderweireld imo so that’s gonna be easier said that done.

Best in the league? Neither are better than Kos or Kompany (when fit).

Alderweireld in particular although a good player benefits massively from playing in a very well oiled and organised Poch defence. Vertonghen is Spuds best CB.

Anyhow even if there’s truth to this going up against Chelsea is only going to end one way.

“We tried”.

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If the quoted amount is anywhere near the actual transfer fee we would certainly be better off spending that much on a different position.