Virgil van Dijk


Is that not exactly what you are doing here?


No that’s common sense that who ever signs him has one of the signings of the summer.

Just cause you weirdly don’t rate him doesn’t mean its a wrong opinion.


£70m for a centre back you need to be getting Lucio or Tiago silva, Not some bloke that’s done well at a mid table prem side (like Chris samba did, hence my comparison)


Maybe in 2009 not 2017. Move with the times grandpa :wink:


You can get a better centre back than VvD for £70m come on now… that Micheal Keane who Everton have just signed from Burnley has just as much chance of being signing of the season


Michael Keane being better than Van Dijk is such a yer da comment.


saying we should spend £70m on the flavour of the month player that has done well for a mid table prem side instead of using our scouting network and signing a better and Cheeper player is the most Yer Da and you know it


I can’t wait until the season starts. The conversation quality on this board lately has taken a nosedive.


It’s become like it is on Talksport between 4pm & 7pm


Yeah this is a title winning type signing Kaner listen to OA. They know what they are talking about. Like when united bought Schneiderlin and City bought stones, and Arsenal bought Cech.


That’s definately some talk sport level opinions right their


With you being the ringleader throwing around worn out cliches like that :joy:

Btw the season has already started and we already won a trophy in case you forgot.


You certainly shouldn’t spend £70m on this guy, though.

Liverpool signed an equally good defender for free last year. If they bothered to look around more, they could probably find another bargain out there somewhere.


Better than being the clown you’ve turned into in the last year or so.


Sorry I’d love to fall in line with all these generic football opinions but I’m just not fit to be a sheeple, some people can do it though and I applaud that.


Some need to understand that simply signing better defenders isn’t going to solve our problems.

The issue lies with the lack of system and tactical nous, world class defenders could come in and we’d still get undone when it counts.

I’d take VVD for sure but under Wenger he’d get exposed just like every single other defender in the squad.


Agreed, but it’s certainly better than signing another bad defender like Gabriel.


In all seriousness we are stacked at CB. Would VVD be that big of an upgrade on what we currently have while still shelling out 70m? I don’t think so, just an opinion. Mustafi was pretty damn good in his first season in the PL and I expect him to get better. Nacho has been moved to CB and he’s no slouch, maybe VVD could be a future Kosh replacement but even then we’ve got two guys in Chambers and Holding who have high ceilings. Let a team like lolpool who really need defenders over pay for his services. We need to use that 70m on a top class CM.


Van Dijk is a very good defender but can’t cost as two Bonuccies or five Mammanas.

There is too hype around this good player but not one of the best in the World.


50/60/70M are crazy money for Van Dijk. Liverpool with this money could have signed very interesting players like Sule, Jorge Mere, Emmanuel Mammana and be quiet for the next 12 years.