Video technology (VAR) in football

So what?

Both things are bad and people are complaining about them. Seems fair to me.

Because it’s a clear case of wanting you have your cake it eat it to. The reason people sometimes have to wait to celebrate is due to a process being implemented to correct the first problem they had, which was incorrect decisions. If we want to get more decisions correct, that entails that we wait a bit longer sometimes to ensure that we’re right. It’s impossible to have it both ways here, how else would we use replays to verify something if we weren’t taking more time to do so?

We’ll ive been pretty vocal about involving the ref on the field in the process from the off. The implementation now is everyone stands around like a prick and waits for someone in an industrial estate to make a decision.

And yea, people can complain about one thing and then when they try fix that thing and it doesn’t really do that to a satisfactory level also complain about the solution. Its completely consistent in my view.

And i wouldn’t ditch VAR personally. But they have to fucking improve it.


I think they tried to create a situation where the referee wasn’t the one man in the arena alone to take all of the heat. They want a scenario now where it’s a shared effort in coming to a decision so that if things go wrong it isn’t one man who is at fault, and especially when that one man doesn’t have the benefit of replays at his disposal. One thing that would be really helpful is if they could let us hear the audio when a decision is being analyzed, that would at least give people an idea of what’s happening when we wait.

I’m not going to pretend that when we score and we’re waiting to see if its a goal that I’m not angry as well, its an emotional reaction that’s understandable during a match. The issue I have with focusing too much on it though is that even if EVERY decision made through VAR was correct, we’d still have to wait. It seems to me that a lot of people didn’t consider ahead of time that this would be a necessity, waiting sometimes to ensure the right decision is made. This will have to continue to be the case even if the referees and guys up in the studio never make a single mistake again.

It is still different though, because with VAR its a simple fact that more decisions will be correct than not compared to what we had before. Neither are perfect, but I’d rather have VAR and get 95% of things correct than not have it and they get 75% of it correct.

I don’t know if this holds up with the clear and obvious policy, if anything this theory suggests they would be more inclined to overrule the on-field ref.

Certainly the “clear and obvious” standard still exists to leave the on field referee with a level of control and influence, but fundamentally the reason VAR exists in the first place is to take some power away from the referee and give him help. To me I see more people focusing on VAR and what happens in the studio than on the referees now, because they understand to some extent that he isn’t fully in control anymore.

No idea what that even means any more.

Love this. More accountability please.

Preferred refs making fuck ups to var making fuck ups, does that mean I can’t moan when fuck ups happen? Sheesh

Core problem is refs are wank and all VAR does is give them a safety net to be even more wank. Get rid.

100% agree! @Starboy have faith in the technology…some of these issues will resolve themselves in the years to come!

Jesus wept

In practice in the Premier League the referee would have to formally request that the VAR centre at Stockley Park authorise their connection to the stadium public address system before making the announcement.

Terrible. Why are they allowing an official potentially hundreds of miles away to have such authority over these games.

Live video replays are not possible at Old Trafford and Anfield which do not have modern stadium screens.

The fuck are they talking about? Just make then install those fucking screens ffs. You can’t be holding up something this fundamental because these pricks need new teles.

I think VAR shouldn’t be abolished. The technology should be improved.

I dunno mate for me the game was fine without rewinding the last 5 mins to look for a foul and rule a goal out.

Goal line tech is great, leave it at that and automated offsides.

Anyone wanting to get rid of VAR, watch this.
Man U under Ferguson would get several points every season because ref’s were scared of him.

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With or without var we will always get shafted and, while there are so many subjective calls being made with it, then it’s no different having a ref or 3 twats in a room. The only difference is Man Utd got replaced by Man City.

Lacazette toenail
Martinelli at united
Brentford no lines
Newcastle in/out shake it all about
Havertz accused of basketball against villa

Only thing I can recall us getting away with is the Odegaard falling handball against the scousers. Maybe the Havertz swipe at newcastle too but both of those just show poor use of the tech :rofl:

Best bit of VAR is getting 10 mins injury time when you need a goal. Simply have the ref referred to a screen within 20 secs or fuck it off.

I still don’t think enough fuss was created over the Brentford incident.

We moved on from that so quickly. There’s not much difference with the Diaz incident that was discussed about for weeks upon weeks, with shouts of even having to replay the game.


Liverpool make much more noise over everything

We got saved loads due to VAR as well, most recently against United
If not for these receipts, you will know for sure that this penalty shout & Garnacho goal stands; given how easily refs bend over for United.

Are you saying if there wasn’t VAR the ref would’ve given it?

Ref was pretty close to the situation and from his reaction he made it clear there was nothing.

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