Video technology (VAR) in football

Aha, it’s human error. Well we aren’t gonna get better refs or errorless humans in the near future so it’s basically the same as before, when we didn’t have VAR :man_shrugging:

I’m all for using VAR in red card or penalty situations. But this millimetre measuring has to stop, because it’s not consistent. One could argue that 2 minutes before that offside, there was a offside that the ref didn’t give. If they had measured that one just as closely, then this situation shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Because 2 minutes before, a Liverpool player was offside.

If it’s so damn close that you have to bring out the measuring tools, then don’t give it ffs and let the game keep its flow. Did the Everton players even protest before the decision to consult VAR?

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I think Pickford getting away with the tackle on VVD was worse than the offside decision.

We need AI to determine offside. If we want to be anal about millimeter then we better have an AI making consistent, accurate calls in matter of milliseconds

Any evidence to suggest AI can do that?

No im sick of arguing this your changing the rules to accommodate VAR. The elephant in the room is the new toy.

Doesn’t change the reality that VAR is just a monitoring system, which is only as good as the rules it’s there to monitor.

It does make for a good scapegoat though, so those making the rules get away scot free.

Easy to ignore these rules didn’t exist before VAR. Go figure.

Pretty sure offside existed before VAR.

Not a direct one but we already have an entire supply chain warehouse working purely on AI, airline industry making trajectory adjustments on the fly using AI, computer vision to detect minute defects.

We have self driving cars which can monitor the surface consistency and detect potholes or any possible deviation in infront car path & avoid accidents.

We have enough evidence of proficiency of AI in various fields to say for sure AI can utilize the line being currently drawn and make more accurate calls than a human in much quicker period.

Easy to ignore the proportion of good calls VAR has made compared to what it was previously.
Whatever issues we have with VAR is completely down to people in charge making idiotic rules like the handball one.

I can’t get my head around people who want to have the stupid reliance on on field ref back. That is just asking for going back to typewriter because the computer showed them an occasional pop up.

You mean like the majority of world football play.

Yes majority of world football is dumb

VAR is a joke lmao I mean we always had wrong calls but at least we didn’t have to wait around for the bad decisions to be made…