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I’m pretty sure Harry Potter was the first novel I read all on my own at 7 years old, so that book and the subsequent ones probably hold such importance to me that no set of films were ever going to be able to match up to all of the imagery I’d created in my head when reading the books over and over and over. And I really did read those first three or four books like 4 or 5 times each, at least.

I was just like, “thats not what Harry/Dumbledore/Lupin/etc look like!” and I think it was a barrier I couldn’t get over as a kid watching those first films.

Tell you what though, fucking nailed it with Hagrid, can remember thinking that that’s basically exactly how I had always pictured him. Snape too, tbf.

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Feels like the new Indiana Jones film is taking forever to come out!1

Just get here already!!

How dirty do the films do Fred and George as well. Seen in the first couple, then they might as well not exist until part 2 of the final one. And then not seen until one of them dies but who is meant to care, we’ve not seen them enough!

@Cristo guys like Rickman, Fiennes and the established actors were not who were being referred to, more the main three and the other kids.

This actually doesnt look to bad. Shame the DC cinematic universe is a mess right now.

Sucker for a racing film

A decent film based on a video game is a rare fucking occurrence, wonder if this’ll buck the general trend

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It has Orlando Bloom in it…he can’t act. The film is doomed!

If you want to watch a good racing film…I would recommend Rush, Le Mans '66, or Senna. That’s all you need.


Leo is in it? I’m sold

Hope it’s better than that previous Netflix only movie shite he made

Just saw the trailer for this as an ad on YouTube, looks worthy of a watch, Finnish Nazi murdering number… What’s not to like