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If Joaquin is in any film I’m interested, one of the very best actors around today.

I’m still not over his performance in The Master (Philip Seymour Hoffman was class in it too)


I’m pretty much at the point of exhaustion when it comes to Marvel films, but I can’t lie, I love seeing Hugh finally don the iconic yellow and blue outfit.

Trying to make the X-Men cool with the all black gear just smacked of trying to take things a bit too seriously, but I guess back then things were different in terms of mainstream acceptance of comic books and geek shit in general




Really looking forward to both.


Here we goooo :fire::fire:

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Oh shit. I had no idea that this was even being made.

Have you watched the whole trailer?

Oh it’s a parody? Just noticed the scene from the Dark Knight.

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Yea it got me for a minute but it’s well done

This was the programme of my childhood, so excited.


Finally, something good on Netflix.

It’s been in such a lull recently.

Just seen the trailer for this… Looks interesting!!

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Following on from the film


Fucking yes!!! :syringe:Inject ot into my veins :rofl:


This didnt come out :thinking: wonder what happened.

Huh, good point, it escaped my attention. Sad start to my week

I’ve waited a whole month for this to be released.

Fuck sake.

Did a brief bit of googling and I can’t find any info, no announcement from Netflix, seems they just quietly removed it from their “coming soon” section and then never released it.

I’m hoping they are just delaying it for some reason or another and we’ll get it soon.