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For me this is the film that marks Pacino’s decline into mediocrity. From this film on all does is shout.


Yeah, fucking shite performance.

Aside from some select performances his career seems to be mostly based on shouting and chewing scenery, as much as I love him.

If you watch Scarface fairly objectively, it’s a pretty embarrassing performance, painfully over acted in literally every scene.


Yeah I love Al Pacino but I don’t think he ever had a better performance than the first two Godfather films. I loved him in Carlitos Way too. But he was flawless in Godfather I and II.

SCARFACE is a grossly overrated film and it was, as has been said, painfully overacted.



Pacino himself believes him best performance was in Scarface , although that may be an apocryphal story


I think di Caprio is the opposite. From a shouty young actor to an accomplished, decorated A-lister.


For you F1 fans


Just done a 180 on this film, will smith is going to kill it as Genie. Can’t wait for this now


I know Scott is half Indian, but the snowflake in me wonders if they couldnt find someone who looks more North-African/Mediterranean.


I’ll definitely be watching Aladdin in the cinema - the original Disney films were watched on repeat in my house when I was a kid.

Will Smith as Genie seems like a pretty good fit to me - maybe not as eccentric or loopy as Robin Williams, but he can definitely bring the required humour and comedic timing.


Thanks for this!



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TOO… MUCH… Epicness


Nothing can compare for the hype for Game of Thrones though.






I’ve moved teams I enjoy the DC movies more now.




You’ve been replaced.


Amazing, another Marvel film. Its been so long since the last one. They really should make more of these films