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This looks bloody awesome


Give clint Eastwood the Oscar.

(As ridiculous as it sounds, has he ever won the best actor academy award?)


Nope. Won 4 as director/best film.

Nominated for best leading actor in: Million Dollar Baby (should have won it) and Unforgiven.


No chance. Bradley Coops has best actor wrapped up :sunglasses:


Any Which Way But Loose?

Seriously though, did he win for Unforgiven?


I thought he did for Unforgiven too.

I don’t know who would’ve won it that year, then. Kevin Costner? For Dances with Wolves?


Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman.


Ergh. I remember watching that shite. A blind bloke who shouts a lot.

Alf Garnett could have done better


Just checked cinema listings for this weekend. It’s not out yet in spite of imdb saying 14/12/18.

I hope it’s just delayed release in the UK and not one of these that are shown in limited screenings :pensive:


Yeah it says March in the Netherlands. Gutted as I thought December too


Jordan Peele’s new horror film