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This looks bloody awesome


Give clint Eastwood the Oscar.

(As ridiculous as it sounds, has he ever won the best actor academy award?)


Nope. Won 4 as director/best film.

Nominated for best leading actor in: Million Dollar Baby (should have won it) and Unforgiven.


No chance. Bradley Coops has best actor wrapped up :sunglasses:


Any Which Way But Loose?

Seriously though, did he win for Unforgiven?


I thought he did for Unforgiven too.

I don’t know who would’ve won it that year, then. Kevin Costner? For Dances with Wolves?


Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman.


Ergh. I remember watching that shite. A blind bloke who shouts a lot.

Alf Garnett could have done better


Just checked cinema listings for this weekend. It’s not out yet in spite of imdb saying 14/12/18.

I hope it’s just delayed release in the UK and not one of these that are shown in limited screenings :pensive:


Yeah it says March in the Netherlands. Gutted as I thought December too


Jordan Peele’s new horror film


Looks like we can expect a Sopranos prequel movie at some point no date released but the script has been bought. Shame it couldn’t have featured the big man himself.


I loved The Grand Tour’s history lesson on this (they’ve done some great ones on TG and TGT like Lancia, Quattro, Senna etc) and now I’m looking forward to this…even though it’ll probably be meh.


Just watch the original bro.

LeMans starring Steve McQueen. Much more your kind of film.


Saw it quite a while back, felt much more raw and real than most other films about motorsport. But, I don’t think it was about this specific story, was it? Ford trying to buy Ferrari when they were having troubles, old man Ferrari agreeing but then pulling out over a small disagreement (Enzo wanting to keep control of the racing side of things), making Ford pissed and vowing revenge by building a car to dick Ferrari at Le Mans.


Oh my mistake, I always thought that film was based on that story.


This is fucking brilliant!!


Looks shit especially when you have Enzo Ferrari so low down in the credits. Another Hollywood pro American propaganda bollocks.


Can see it now…opens with Enzo in an office with some Italians and loud yanks. Enzo finds clause that annoys him, becomes stereotypical shouty-handsy Italian. Rest of film has only silent distant shots of him.

Although, tbf, cast lists on IMDb don’t really matter much, he could have a decent role.


The real reason we’re not seeing Ozil play much recently, is he’s been too busy casting for the Enzo role :ozil2: