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Oi @Mysty


If diarrhoea was a film. :hipster:


It’s raw entertainment. What else does a movie needs to be :stuck_out_tongue:?

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In Austrian

In black and white

Minimal dialogue, if at all

Actors must have apostrophes in their names.

If these are not present @Persona ain’t watching


I haven’t been as excited for a film in a long time


Yeah this looks really good :smiley:

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Joaquin Phoenix is so fucking good that I’ll give anything he is in a chance.

Hard to gauge anything from a trailer really, but when he’s in full make up and suited and booted, he certainly looks the part.

Cautiously optimistic about this. If the script is good then I expect Joaquin will be able to carry it.

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Read there is going to be a second series of Killing Eve. Really enjoyed the first one and Jodie Comer was really brilliant as the assassin, giving a really memorable performance.


Killing eve was brilliant. The creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge also starred in and created Fleabag which is equally as brilliant, she’s very talented.

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Carnt wait


Who doesn’t live a Godzilla movie, looks interesting and elevenof stranger things too.


Godzilla can shoot beams?


pushes up glasses

Ehem, excuse me… he has atomic breath, he doesn’t shoot “beams”… psh, plebe.

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More fucking comics turned into films than books now.


Not even close.


Doesn’t he shoot beams out off his back depending on which godzilla it is


Sonic film trailer and you didn’t tag @Mysty :santi:

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