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This is jokes.


Whoever is looking forward to Venom… early signs are worrying:

Flop alert!


I think critics look at films too harshly sometimes. That’s why there’s often a massive disparity in what the viewing public enjoy and what the paid critics enjoy.

I virtually never have any interest in what critics say about films.


The genre is very worn atm. Poor pieces of work will be be received positively.

Didn’t like the look of the film from the trailers tbh


To underline this; tomatometer 30%, audience 88%…

I’m looking forward to his. Was waiting for some anti-hero stuff. Even if it’s maybe weird to have a Venom film without Spiderman.


I found that with justice league. Wasn’t a bad film. Hated by critics shrugs shoulders

I also like Die Hard 2. I reckon it’s the best one. There. I said it


Venom 5/10
It’s not good but it’s not bad like a fantastic four film. Films far to slow, the end fight scene is awful an Carnt really tell what’s going on. Only plus is eddie/venom dynamic. If I was to compare it to any other marvel film it would be ghost rider.

Night school 7/10
Going from the trailer was expecting typical rom/com
So this films a really nice surprise with plenty of laughs throughout.




“You’re the wrong guy at the wrong time in the wrong place!”


I can’t understand people who don’t.


I like the second Die Hard and wasn’t aware that people didn’t, I just think it is probably my least favourite of the three Die Hard films.

Yeah, you heard me, least favourite of the three Die Hard films.


Die Hard 4 (Live Free or Die Hard) is one of my favourite comfort films to watch. Thought it was really entertaining and if it’s ever on TV, will always sit down to watch it through.


Fav part :joy:


Saw the trailer for this last night on Netflix, July 22, about the far right sack of shit that is Anders Brievik and the terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya,Norway. Thought it looked good even if it is a bit daft that they’re all speaking in English.


Die Hard 4 was a cool film with a cool cast, it just wasn’t a Die Hard film.


So Venom is bad. Really bad.

Should have listened to the critics in this one lol


Care to elaborate without giving too much away? Couple of mates of my were saying it’s a good movie :sweat_smile:.


Well I read somewhere that they cut around 40 minutes out of the film and it shows. It’s a disjointed mess and its hugely rushed. And Venom’s character development over the course of the film basically makes no sense whatsoever.

In other words it watches like a film that had a substantial amount of it cut.


Yeah Die Hard 4 doesn’t even make my top 20 Christmas films


This looks absolutely fantastic and I’ve just got tickets to see it in the cinema Sunday. Its also on BBC in December.