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Any Dune fans here?


@Cristo and I were talking about it in the last book you read thread. Thank God!


Looks good


Looking forward to this. Damien Chazelle is a great director. Ryan Gosling starring, can’t go wrong!


Interesting stuff. I want more films that show some of the gritty reality of imperialism and history instead of the dances with wolves type nonsense.


Getting talent show/ Dragon’s Den vibes from this. :thinking:



If WB can’t get a great performance out of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker then they might as well pack all this DCEU business in.

He is one of the best actors around, quite possibly the best.


I haven’t seen any of the DCEU films because as much as I love Batman, I think Superman is pretty boring and Aquaman/Green Lantern et al aren’t interesting to me in the fucking slightest. Plus the films all seem to have been received pretty poorly by fans and critics alike, if they’d got rave reviews I’d have felt inclined to at least give it a shot.

But if anyone can revive that shit it’s got to be Joaquin Phoenix, I feel like with a good script and direction he could be as good a Joker as any who have come before, and I definitely don’t say that lightly.


Wonder Woman was actually a pretty solid film tbh.

I can’t get behind their Batman. All I (want to) see is Christian Bale (back) as Batman.


Why do u want bale back as batman?


Because he was the best one.


There was talk of a Robin film, wasn’t there? With Joseph Gordon-Levitt or whatever his name is reprising his role from the DKR. This would re-introduce Bale as Batman one last time, too.

There is also talk of an incredibly tenuous link between the Nolan films and the current lot whereby Nolans are a chronological prequel (isn’t there something about Affleck walking past a Batman costume with “the joke’s on you! Ha ha Ha!” emblazoned on it in Batman v Superman? It sets up space for one last Bale film, but the theory could be clutching at straws)


Bales a good but Affleck better


That’s certainly an interesting take haha

FWIW Michael Keaton was the best Batman imo, but he wasn’t a very good Bruce Wayne. As much as I like Tim Burton’s Batman films (the first specifically), his understanding of or desire to represent the source material was sorely lacking.

Bale was a better Bruce Wayne and he was in better Batman films, but with the suit on I think its hard to top Keaton.


This :+1:

And if anyone says Cesar Romero isn’t the best Joker, I’ll be having words


What I understood from some people is that Bale’s portrayal as Batman wasn’t really in line with the source material either since in the Nolan trilogy he was less of a ‘detective’ and more of an 'action character. But those trilogy as a whole we’re just better than other Batman movies imo.


Yeah this is true, but I think there are degrees of respecting the source material. A director can and almost certainly will take some liberties, because these films aren’t just for diehard comic book fans, they’re meant to have mass appeal. And some things don’t translate from page to screen that well.

So you’ve got Nolan’s lack of following what is canon, but Burton’s was on a different scale. Making The Joker the guy who killed Batman’s parents just wasn’t right, the film then played out a bit like a revenge flick, culminating in Batman deciding to straight up murder Joker. As much as I genuinely love that film, that’s too big a liberty to take with the original material imo.


Even though I’m a fan Bale’s Batman wouldn’t quite work in the way they’re trying to go about things, too rooted in reality.

I’d like to see Jake Gyllenhaal step into the cowl if Affleck does indeed step aside, would make a good Batman IMO and being younger more in line with Reeve’s vision.


Carnt wait