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Well that’s a film I certainly won’t be watching


Will check it out but the creative differences with queen is what’s putting me off the film.



Didn’t need to be remade


Is Charlie Hunnam capable of acting without getting his arse out?


Well this is a strange one


Oh fuck I didn’t realise they were bring Sarah Connor back for the new Terminator film



Thought she was dead.

At least it’s james Cameron’s terminator film again so should be good and carry on from T2


Cool poster


Love that poster
Here’s the trailer


Clips for this have not been too bad.


Great trailer but I’m not sure about this whole ‘super predator’ angle.

I can confirm I’m seeing this. Love the predator concept


If it bleeds, we can kill it.




I’ve seen some of those tweets and it goes way past some kind of “joke”.

He was fixated on talking about under age children, despicable stuff.

Good to see Disney/Marvel kick him to the kerb.


these tweets are from 2008 he’s made 2 marvel times in that time. think theirs more to it and the tweets are just a simply way off getting rid off him


Godzilla 2


Matthew Broderick Godzilla was way better than that latest shambles.

Edit: May 2019. Fuck off!


Didn’t think Hollywood would touch these characters. Out January 2019