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Looks good this



I swear to God if Netflix fucks such excellent lure up I’m cancelling my subscription. I just don’t see Cavill as Geralt ffs


Henry Cavill has the charisma of a ham sammich, absolutely awful casting decision.


Nah man, I’m for it. Got to give it a chance. He looks the part imo

Can’t judge himm off of those terrible DC movies.


Who thought this was a good idea.



As soon as they saw the video game sales they pounced. It’s nothing but a cash grab lol


Viggo Mortensen or Mads Mikkelsen would have made sick Geralt’s.

Cavill is too young and handsome


Eva Green is Yennifer for days.


Viggo yes, Mads no imo.

Apparently Anya Chalhotra is yennefer.


Eva :heart_eyes:

The Dreamers, SNM




Speaking of milking things :ozil2:



I actually think it looks decent haha


I think you are both right. :joy:


I unironically really want to see that film


Toy story 4 the sequel we didn’t need come on pixar give us bugs life 2 all ready.



That 2 seconds of pika pika made the day.