Unpopular football opinions

Just thinking in terms of pure talent, I think Gerrard and Scholes were better.

I think Lampard had a better understanding of the game and he was more disciplined.
I’m not sure how Gerrard would look in a more organized setting. At Liverpool he had the freedom to do whatever the fuck he wanted on the pitch.
Scholes didn’t have it as much at Man Utd but Fergie did have a soft spot for him so he probably did let him get away a bit.

They always pop the question to coaches, footballers and other people in football as well.

There have been some that picked Lampard but it’s honestly not a lot.
Majority of them go with Scholes or Gerrard.

Players should wear “0”

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Disgusting. Even the NFL didn’t allow it until like years ago. At least you didn’t suggest “00”.

Well that’d just be ridiculous.

But I love that NFL players can wear 0.

I also grew up during the Arenas era Wiz when he wore 00. Iconic jersey.

Think this goes back more than 10 years but an old Hibs striker came back and his old number 10 was in use so he took 10 backwards :joy:

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Cursed image.

I love this.