UK General Election announced for 8th June


No way this parliament lasts 5 years!


I can’t picture it either!

Worth noting the first negotiations with Barnier start a week Monday. We’re absolutely fucked. May can’t go into these negotiations, all authority has gone. The DUP will want a 'soft brexit a long with many Tory (esp Scottish Tories) and some Labour. This parliament is well and truly screwed.

Top stuff from May.

Tory HQ right now lol


May is gone soon.

Also fantastic stuff from Corbyn.

No chance SNP form a majority.


Great result for Corbyn here and gives himself a chance to reinvent the Labour party as a strong party of opposition on major issues.
Dont know what made me happier last night, the Armani back stabbers squirming or Tory vote imploding.
Guess really the best legacy of the night was seeing people care about real issues and for once apathy and indifference not dominating an election.


Just checked the results in North London, Liverpool anche Manchester. What a thrashing for Tory! :mustafi:


May is going to form a government. Marvellous news, Corbyn can wipe the floor with her until this “government” becomes untenable, which won’t be long.


We’ll probably have a new election again come this time next year!!

But seriously why would this government not last 5 years?


So no income tax rise? Sanchez and Ozil are staying


Far too hung-over for anything but this:




Could someone explain to me a bit more about the DUP, who they are and what they stand for?

Someone on Reddit said it’s quite ironic that the Tories have jumped into bed with the DUP since they do actually have links to terrorist groups.

I’m embarrassed to say I really know very little about NI politics.


I’m a bit lost on them aswell. I’m not great on N.Irish politics.

They sound kinda crazy to me from what I’ve heard this morning. Semi-climate change deniers, strict protestants, plus links to para-militaries and terrorist groups I think. Wonder if the Tory press will mention that :thinking:

Certainly doesn’t sound like an agreement, formal or non-formal, that can hold. That’s before you even consider their position on the single market + common travel area etc.


Let’s get this straight. The Tories spent the whole campaign trying to link Corbyn to IRA terrorism when in fact his only link to them was through successful peace negotiations. Along comes the election and lo and behold their smear campaign did not have the desired effect and Labour actively blocks the Tories from getting a majority in Parliament. Out of desperation the Tories then look to form a coalition with DUP a Northern irish loyalist Union with direct links to far right terrorist acts in Ireland. They’ve lost it.


They are one of those parties that are fundamentally opposed to gay marriage. They have actively blocked it being introduced in NI a number of times. I won’t pretend to know a lot more about them because once you’re a party that holds that stance I tend not to listen to anything else you have to say.


They want creationism taught in schools as fact


Luckily any bat shit crazy thing like that won’t get through parliament.

They seem very backward though, crazy how it has come to this. May will go down in history for all the wrong reasons.

This may sound crazy aswell, but Sinn Féin have a lot to answer to their electorate. They could’ve made a big difference to the importance of the DUP on N.Ireland and the UK, never mind on brexit and relations with the Republic of Ireland.


What a big fiasco!


LOL Theresa May goes into a coalition of chaos with a bunch of terrorist sympathising, homophobic, flat earthers.


Yeah no hope in hell of SNP siding with the tories.

They said they’d help Labour on a deal by deal basis only.

If there’s another election in October Labour might just be able to get it!