UK General Election announced for 8th June


If only the Labour party hadn’t spent the last year or so attacking, and plotting against their leader.



So this whole thing is going to boil down to whether the SNP cut a deal with the Tories? :slight_smile:


On a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid must Theresa May feel?

I’m looking forward to this strong and stable Government she talked so much about…


Well if that’s what the SNP think then their position will only get worse.

Fucked it for themselves, can see why you’re gutted and trying to deflect the blame. Independence is dead for another generation.


Not unless they cut a deal, and a second referendum is their main condition.


So guys? How is it going?


If anyone says “my vote won’t make a difference” direct them to this!


They haven’t got the seats for that.


They do. It requires 326 seats to form a majority government.

Con have 309, and SNP have 34.


Just read the result. Jeremy, you absolute Arsenal legend! :giroud2:


Fucking superb.


The Conservatives and DUP.

Coalition of chaos :confused:


If they were to work with the Tories they’d destroy themselves.


They were effectively working together anyway from what I can gather.


No ones sober enough until later next day? :tumbler_glass::beer:


fixed that for you :slight_smile:


Oh my what a result. Theresa May and her vision of Brexit and social cuts obviously wasn’t big enough of a vote winner. Tory brexit strategy changing a few weeks before negotiations start - incredible!

Did not expect that in a million years, absolutely superb.

Surely May won’t last long, she screwed up from a winning position- let’s see her own coalition of chaos!




Can’t believe it.

She’s fucked herself, made herself look incompetent, let everyone know how unlikeable she is and more importantly legitimised Corbyn and made Labour credible opposition in people’s eyes. The next 5 years will be difficult whereas the next 3 years could have been pretty easy.