UK General Election announced for 8th June


And Northern Ireland to that list aswell. Could be them lot that save the Tory party and a hard brexit -_-


Fuck sakeeeeee

If we voted against Independence and then vote in the torys I’m finished :sob:


Not sure if this is the weird pro-indy + anti-Eu minority of the SNP. It’s kinda strange to see the Tories do well up there. Ruth Davidson is key aswell, one of the more sane tories

CLEGG GONE. Two years too late


I apologise for our absolutely retarded farmer brethren.

Can’t believe they will be the ones to deliver May a majority.

IndyRef 2 may have been a mistake. Also thank Scottish Labour who actively encouraged tactical voting for the union against the SNP, FOR the Tories.


Glasgow north east Labour!! Is that one of yours or @Calum?


Mine re-elected SNP @will24


England, please do what you always do, and ignore whatever we decide for, only this time for good reason.


May looks crushed! She knows she’s gone by sunrise. Think the Tory elite will see to that.

Also, my former university city Canterbury might be going Labour!! So proud right now.

Well may seems adamant that we need stability (I agree). Not so sure she’ll be at the helm but may be a Tory coalition or minority. I just can’t see her carrying on, the knives will be out if she fails to get a majority.


what’s this?


English votes for English Laws I.e. areas where the law does not apply to Scotland (education, some home affairs I think etc). Basically Tories would either have to change policy or not have a majority for some votes…


Tories take the lead for the first time in the night if I’m not mistaken.


Giving up all pretence of trying to sleep now


Well done Mr Brake :clap:

Disaster for the Conservatives tonight


Nooo Big Alex :cry:


Salmond and Robertson gone! Two big giants of the SNP gone. Big shock.

Labour winning Plymouth, seats like this that I thought were impossible. INCREDIBLE


Canterbury going red is fucking astonishing. The Tories have been unassailable there my whole life.


Amber Rudd holds on in Hastings by the skin of her teeth


Tonight’s a great reminder why I fucking hate Scottish Labour.

They’ve handed it to the Tories. Can’t believe Scotland fucked it again


To be fair, the SNP have lost this for themselves. Pushing for a second referendum so hard has clearly backfired.


Nah it’s Scottish Labour being pricks. Never known a worse leader than dugdale.

SNP still have majority over Scotland and independence will happen eventually.