UK General Election announced for 8th June

Theresa May is outside Downing Street as we speak announcing a snap election.

Makes sense for her really doesn’t it? Right now you’d think Labour are going to get massacred.

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Easy decision for her to make.

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Got to get this through Parliament. I imagine Labour will vote in favour of it anyway to be honest.

Theresa May will no doubt get a majority close to Tony Blair in 1997. It makes complete sense for her. Slim majority, difficult negotiations coming up, it makes sense for her to get a big majority in the HoC.

Part of me is looking forward to it, part for me is dreading it :persevere:

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June 8th?

@JakeyBoy you fucking wannabe American :wink:

Haha now you mention it, it does look weird. Think I was just rushing the thread through as quickly as possible and not thinking too much about what I write lol

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Can’t we have a minute’s peace from these votes?!

Surprised they’ve done this but makes sense from a Tory point of view - seems a selfish decision. Will be good for the Lib Dems too.

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Would be great if it ended up backfiring…but that seems quite unlikely.

Seeing how Labour is in a complete free fall, it is probably a good decision to make from her point of view.

@Calum and @Electrifying can you Scottish lot stop being such selfish bastards and just vote for Labour like you all used to?

We need those fifty odd fucking seats! :sweat_smile:

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Ha sorry will still vote SNP.

The area I live in is so blue, the Labour candidate didn’t even bother to campaign during the last election - I’m surprised she got any votes at all. I have no idea which way I’ll go this year.

Either way, it’s going to be a disaster for Labour. If Corbyn is PM on 9th June it’ll be the biggest comeback since Lazarus :grin:

Lib Dem is going to go on the offensive now as the only party for Retainers which will be interesting to see.

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Are the Lib Dems even a thing anymore?

In the scramble for non-Tory votes I can’t see them doing particularly well we’ll see.

They’ve actually gone forward a fair bit since the last GE.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all of they steal votes from Labour and the greens.

Their media profile could use some attention tho you’d have to say.

Clegg was fairly high profile but if you did a straw poll to identify Farron even from his picture I bet the numbers would be much lower

Oh yeah 100%.

Clegg had a lot more presence and persona, no doubt. Very much a statesman, I reckon he’d have made a great prime minister.

I think the lib dems may very well attract a lot of young voters due to their stance on drugs, mental health and Brexit.

But yeah if I was the LDs, I spend a significant part of their budget on just marketing and PR. Go on a full on charm offensive.

Probably the safest election that the Tories will ever have.

There is no viable opposition and it means if you thought they were getting away with ripping off the working class and the poor, wait until after this election.

The Tories look after their own and give the wealthy and big business all the help they want.
They do nothing for anyone else.

Teresa May is going to be leading a party that is going to be as right wing as when Thatcher was Prime Minister.

So expect massive cuts in public spending, and after Brexit, fewer workers rights.

But the rich will get more tax cuts, and employers will be able to walk all over their workers.


you literally don’t.

Our vote means jack shit. Whatever England votes, we will all have to deal with. It’s up to yous to vote Labour, and I sincerely doubt you will.

Tory supermajority seems likely lol

SNP will use this as a mandate for indyref2. And I have to support that.


6 weeks of moaning whining and backstabbing to come, you all have the power so use it, then if you win you win if you lose at least you know you tried…Me i just want to get Tom Brake(libdem) out from round here, corrupt tosser…But he is as safe as houses so will have to live with it…At least Wengers staying…