UK General Election announced for 8th June


We’re a hair’s breadth from having Boris Johnson running the country. :arteta:


He has kept pretty quiet recently.
He may act like a lovable buffoon but he is desperate for power.

To quote Black Adder, “He’s as slippery as a fox.”


The ironic thing is the whole time her and her people were calling corbyn out for meeting the IRA now has to make a government with people who side with them. Could not make this shit up


All the big tories deathly silent. They’ll try to keep her in for a few months but her time is limited. Tory HQ will be getting things done behind her back


The DUP side with the terrorists that oppose the IRA, possibly that’s what you meant I’m not sure


Pleased with the result but let’s not go overboard, it’s a bad night for May rather than disastrous for the Conservatives.

Still have a working majority with the aid of the DUP, who will back them more reliably than the Lib Dems ever did

Overall I’m glad the pointless UKIP are getting wiped out, but a return to 2 party politics is not a universally good thing by any means. That said, any coalition gvt is going to have to be more accountable


What sort of fucking idiot enacts Article 50 and then calls a general election for no reason AFTER that wasting 2months out of the 24 when we are already grossly underprepared. Who then goes on to completely botch the election and looses her majority.

Its a special kind of fucktard beyond even the levels of Cameron because at least he made it non binding ref which should of given time for government to plan first. Theresa has taken that one saving grace we had and decided planning is overrated we’re gonna waste all our time and make sure we have the worst possible starting position.

The incompetence and stupidity is next level.


Maybe the Tories should have made more of an effort regarding why they are the best party the job rather than undermining Labour & others.

May not turning up for live debates was just self sabotage. No one likes an arragont cunt in this country.


If only the Yoof had weighed in to as much effect in the actual referendum eh. :roll_eyes: Glad they’ve finally found their voice anyway.


Tuition hikes got them listening


Mr Osborne might not be a fan…Just a inkling. :wink:


Has anyone seen any models on how this election might have turned out if alternative vote had passed? I know it would be essentially guess work but it’d be interesting to see.


Its hard to sit there and say we are the best party for the people when their policies and track record goes exactly against that. Remember when Amber Rudd said “judge us on our record” and the show had to take a break whilst everyone finished laughing.

Their one and only selling point was to sell it as we will get the best deal possible for Europe however again their track record is Camerons failed re-negotiations with EU (which led to the ref) and also a deep deep misunderstanding as to the form that Brexit negotations will take.

The conservatives havent been using the line of “we want to keep everything behind closed doors” because they actually have a grand plan to bamboozle the world into submission, they are choosing to refuse to go into the details because they just dont properly understand the task at hand.

Case in point securing rights of existing EU nationals they wanted this to just be straight up agreed and resolved as a matter of course, completely not understanding just all the complexities and legalities involved in doing so. Yes the premise is good but Theresa May whose a politician who deals in simple soundbites and simple solotutions just dosnt get it

Read this as an example

The conservatives cant bill themselves as this knowledgable, straight line force to deal with Brexit because they arnt. This is why the EU council has drafted so much information already and essentially have everything in order while we have politicians who are still using this as a domestic political bargaining tool for newspapers.

Really I dont see what the conservatives can big themselves up as…


They are basically US republicans, with a heavy protestant sectarian tinge. They have links to Ulster nationalist paramilitary groups like the UVF and UDA, which is ironic given the Corbyn IRA message they gave.

They are extremely socially conservative. Are you gay? Do you need an abortion? Do you care about the environment? Tough luck, buddy.

Speaking of, they are hopelessly corrupt. A corruption scandal regarding government subsidy for electric heaters brought down the government and they had to have new elecions, where DUP got hit hard.

For more info, see @Castiel

@Cristo do you really see this government lasting a full term? It is the opposite of strong and stable.

What with EVEL, the DUP or the Scottish Tory MPs can’t do much to vote on England only laws either. And that’s only if the Tories manage to strike a deal. This is amazing. When the Tories inevitably fuck up Brexit, if Labour don’t be twats now, they can get an even better result. Especially as the whole terrorist sympathiser shite goes down the shitter.

This is a very volatile situation.


Was about to say it. They accused Corbyn of links with terrorism and they are gonna form a proto-fascist government.




If only Conservative didn’t gain 13 in Scotland they couldn’t have got over the threshold with the DUP.

Stupid pricks who voted for them can’t believe it.

Also this. ahahahahahahaahaha fuck off Murdoch newspapers are dying you can’t control the public anymore


Also can I just say BIG PROPS to @Dr_Strangepass and all the Labour activists on the ground. The hustle you put in was unreal. This is all because of your hard work. You got out the vote.Big ups.


@Calum and @Electrifying, shame on your fellow countrymen! Utter angus turds!