UEFA Conference League

Yeah I know the conference league copped a bit of criticism when it was first announced but I really like the fact that it created another outlet for continental competition. There’s really no valid reason for european football being between only the very top sides hailing from a select few leagues.

I don’t think it devalues the CL at all either, if anything it increases the prestige of the top-tier competition.


Motherwell took it well… :joy: @shamrockgooner

tbf they have been awful in the whole of 2022.


Jeeze! Dundee United have a plum tie tonight in their conference playoff. AZ Alkmaar. I can remember us playing them in the CL :joy:

Ooooft! What a goal from United! 1-0 is a shock on the cards :thinking:

Watching the draw as wfh. Hope you get a banging group @shamrockgooner

Hearts get a trip to Florence not bad! @Phoebica

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Poor Florence.

My West Ham mate was hoping to get Hearts because he has a mate who supports them. Instead West Ham have 2 teams I’ve never even heard of :sweat_smile:

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Not bad to be honest. Thought we were getting West Ham. Not sure why we went into the other side of the draw tbh.


looks like shamrock rovers will be going home with 0 points on the board :henry2:

Shame you can’t be molded into a Gent after comments like that.


I think you need to go and sit in djurgarden and think about what you’ve done


if what i said in jest turns out to be true shammy will hunt me down and murder me for jinxing.

I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get at least 1 win.

Don’t know about that, but how does djurgarden look this time of year?

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West Ham losing at home to Steaua Bucharest and its a deserved lead.

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Tick tock David.

West Ham fans sang the national anthem ahead of the game today. Pretty classy move from those knuckle-draggers, it has to be said.

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Brendan Rodgers - West Ham

It’s coming.

The old one or the new one?


West Ham turn it around.

Wipe off that sweat Moyes, live another day.